Jason Papalio: Dynamic Warm-Up for Basketball

Jason Papalio: Dynamic Warm-Up for Basketball
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Product Description

Help your basketball players become more flexible and explosive!

  • See how to warm up your players using dynamic movements to get their muscles ready for action
  • Learn how to use static stretching at the end of your a practice or workout for better recovery
  • Discover how to use yoga as a way to improve your team

with Jason Papalio,
Athletic Recovery Training Specialist;
staff consultant for Manhattan College's 2014 and 2015 MAAC Champion basketball teams;
Has worked with high school, college and professional athletes

A good basketball warm-up targets both the skills needed for the game, and the systems and muscles used in the game. Jason Papalio's dynamic warm-up shown in this video will give you the ability to tailor your pre-game warm-up to both prevent injuries and increase your team's athletic prowess.


Learn how to tailor exercises needed to prepare your team mentally and physically for the game. Focusing on core, mobility, stability, balance and flexibility, Coach Papalio demonstrates a variety of drills that target body position and muscle groups to make your players the best they can be. Papalio gives you a menu of drills to choose from, which include a variation on jumping jacks, pogo jumps, a lunge series, a walking series, a band series, and more.

Cool Down

Papalio also explains and demonstrates a post-game and post-practice cool down and stretching routine, incorporating both yoga and static stretching to help prevent injuries and increase flexibility and recovery in athletes. Increasing the flexibility of your players will help them play in a better stance and be more productive on the court.

These warm-up and injury prevention techniques go beyond the usual X's and O's of a coaching clinic. Coach Papalio's emphasis is on how to keep players healthy and strong. His recovery techniques, drills and exercises focus on making your players the best athletes they can be!

Produced at the Nike Championship Basketball Coaches Clinics in Cleveland (OH), Charlotte (NC) and Minneapolis (MN); Fall 2017.

44 minutes. 2018.

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