Jason Papalio: Basketball Core Strengthening & Balance Drills

Jason Papalio: Basketball Core Strengthening & Balance Drills
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Keep your team healthy and strong from game to game and practice to practice!

  • Discover the 'five pillars for protecting an athlete's health' for the season
  • Get programming for how to incorporate a dynamic warm-up, balance drills, and static stretch into your practice plan
  • Learn a series of basketball specific drills for improving your player's core balance

with Jason Papalio,
Athletic Recovery Training Specialist;
staff consultant for Manhattan College's 2014 and 2015 MAAC Champion basketball teams;
Has worked with high school, college and professional athletes

Many times in the game of basketball, players are bumped or pushed and must make shots off balance or quickly adjust and react on defense or offense. In this video, Jason Papalio introduces core strength training drills specific to basketball to be successful, strong, and balanced on the court.

Coach Papalio provides you with the logic of how to work players out and develop them to improve as the season moves on so that your athletes peak at playoff time. He starts with an introduction and background lecture on the need for recovery and strength strategies for your team, and explains how to incorporate these into your practice sessions.

Balance and Core Strength Drills

Core muscle are important in the game of basketball. Developing and strengthening the core are keys to improving athleticism of players. Papalio demonstrates 15 drills to develop balance and core strength. He shows simple balancing drills, and adds the use of a basketball, to test the ability of players while building up their core strength and ability to balance. Using passing, dribbling and defensive drills stressing proper body position, Papalio develops both game skills and strength at the same time.

Cool Down Stretches

Coach Papalio concludes with an example of post-workout stretching routines and important information on proper nutrition and hydration. These strategies can be incorporated at the conclusion of any workout or game, and can help speed up a player's recovery while reducing soreness.

Incorporating specific basketball skills along with proper body position, ball skills, and strengthening, Coach Papalio gives you a strategy to keep your team healthy and in top shape by utilizing proper body position, ball skills, and core strength.

Produced at the Nike Championship Basketball Coaches Clinics in Cleveland (OH), Charlotte (NC) and Minneapolis (MN); Fall 2017.

45 minutes. 2018.

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