James Madison Defensive 3-Pack

James Madison Defensive 3-Pack
James Madison Defensive 3-Pack
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with Kyle Gillenwater, Linebacker Coach;
and JC Price, Defensive Line Coach,
James Madison University;
2004 NCAA Division I-AA National Champions

Coaches Gillenwater and Price demonstrate the basics for the defense that helped lead the James Madison Dukes to the 2004 NCAA Division I-AA National Championship. Price and Gillenwater begin by teaching the alignments, assignments and keys that allow the Dukes' defensive lineman to play outstanding defense against the run and pressure the quarterback versus the pass. During the 2004 season, the Dukes ranked 2nd vs. the run and recorded a NCAA record 60 sacks. This single gap control defense allows the defensive lineman to play aggressive and the linebackers to blitz multiple gaps to confuse offenses. The second part of the video covers stance, techniques and keys for effective linebacker play. It also details the proper reach step, inside read and outside read versus the zone play, power, draw and option. In the film breakdown segment, the coaches show how the defensive line and linebackers react to the tackle trap play, open ended zone play and the draw. A great illustration of a top defense in action!

45 minutes. 2005.
with George Barlow,
James Madison University Defensive Coordinator;
and Chip West,
James Madison University Defensive Backs Coach;
2004 NCAA Division I-AA National Champions

James Madison University has experienced a tremendous amount of success in recent years, including the D I-AA National Championship in 2004. A great deal of their success is credited to their defensive schemes. In Blitzes and Coverages, Coach Barlow and Coach West cover "10 Points of Success" for the Dukes' defense. They diagram the 4-4 base alignment and provide game footage to illustrate their techniques. Coach Barlow diagrams multiple blitzes including the weak fire, field, strong fire and smash. Each blitz package covers the assignments of all of the front eight players. Coach West covers each of the defensive coverages used to disguise the blitz packages. Film breakdown is used to show on-field demonstration of each of the blitzes and coverages versus four of the most common plays in football: the draw, trap, zone and power plays. This video is a great compliment to Defensive Line and Linebacker Play in the 4-4 Defense.

89 minutes. 2005.
with Mickey Matthews,
James Madison University Head Coach;
2004 NCAA DI-AA National Champions,
2004 AFCA National "Coach of the Year,"
1999 Eddie Robinson Award/DI-AA National "Coach of the Year"

Two-time NCAA Division I-AA National "Coach of the Year" and 2004 NCAA Division I-AA Championship coach Mickey Matthews, shows you the keys to stopping the potent Wing-T attack. Matthews' defenses are perennial powerhouses and showed their mettle again in 2004, ranking 2nd in DI-AA rushing defense and setting an NCAA record with 60 sacks! Matthews diagrams the five key plays that power the Wing-T: The trap, buck sweep, down play, waggle, and key pass. He shows how to effectively defend these plays and how to defend the edges using productive blitzes and stunts. Matthews also discusses his defensive philosophy in great detail along with discussing characteristics players must have for a defense to be successful. This is a great DVD for learning how to stop one of the most powerful offenses in football!

48 minutes. 2005.

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