James Franklin: Developing the Complete Quarterback

James Franklin: Developing the Complete Quarterback
James Franklin: Developing the Complete Quarterback
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Product Description

  • Learn how to evaluate athletes to determine their potential as a quarterback
  • Discover ways to help your quarterback succeed in identifying the proper progression by accurately reading the defense before the snap
  • Learn how to train your quarterback during the season and the off-season
  • Learn drills to warm up the quarterback's arm and fundamentals to improve his overall skill level

with James Franklin,
Penn State University Head Coach;
2016 Big 10 Champions;
2016 Woody Hayes Coach of the Year (2016), 2016 Dave McClain Coach of the Year, 2016 Sporting News Coach of the Year

James Franklin has turned Vanderbilt into a SEC contender with the philosophical changes he has implemented there. In this highly detailed DVD, Coach Franklin takes the stage to show how he has taught his quarterbacks to perform against the highly regarded defenses of the SEC.

Coach Franklin opens with an explanation of what he does to get his athletes ready for weekly practice and then moves into a detailed explanation of the fundamental keys he uses to evaluate potential quarterbacks.

Coach Franklin breaks down the footwork that is essential for successful, accurate passing. The intangibles needed to be the type of quarterback that can successfully lead a football team are discussed in detail throughout the presentation. Coach Franklin stresses the importance of using game-situation drills to help the QB develop quick, accurate footwork. He shares various checklists that can be implemented to execute all the fine points of developing a powerhouse quarterback.

Coach Franklin continues breaking down coverages and reads the quarterback needs to execute properly when studying a defense. He emphasizes all of the keys that have helped his players become successful.

Lastly, Coach covers "Everyday Drills" that have made his quarterbacks successful. He explains an easy routine that can be implemented for instant success on the field. Great emphasis is placed upon QB drops and footwork.

This DVD is a must-have for anyone who wants his quarterback to reach his full potential. Coach Franklin explores all of the finer points of being a successful quarterback, showing ways to implement his proven techniques into your system this season and during the offseason. Let Coach Franklin show you how to create a tireless work ethic and a mindset for success in your quarterbacks.

Produced at the 2013 Orlando (FL) clinic.

62 minutes. 2013.

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