Jack Kaley: Pressure Zone Defense

Jack Kaley: Pressure Zone Defense
Jack Kaley: Pressure Zone Defense
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  • Stifle opponents with a proven pressure zone defense
  • Cut off the passing lanes more effectively
  • Learn powerful adjustments that will keep your team ready for anything
with Jack Kaley,
former New York Institute of Technology Head Lacrosse Coach;
2008 NCAA Division II Men's Lacrosse National Champions;
4X NCAA Div. II Coach of the Year, 4X NCAA National Champions,
All-time Winningest Coach in Division I and Division II (84.3%); 450+ wins;
Team USA Assistant Coach,
German National Team Head Coach

Introduction by Bill Harkins,
Florida State University Head Lacrosse Coach,
German National Team Assistant Coach

Coaches Kaley and Harkins collaborate to bring you this outstanding DVD on Pressure Zone Defense. Coach Kaley shares his philosophy behind his successful pressure zone defense. Overall, this philosophy is based on three elements: offense, defense and riding. All three are geared to force the opposition to make specific preparation for Kaley-coached teams. Pressure and cutting off passing lanes are the keys to this aggressive approach. Through a marker board presentation and on-field demonstrations, Kaley highlights three pressure spots: two top, two side, and crease behind. He stresses the value of practicing 6 vs. 5, leading up to implementing the team zone attack. Adjustments have been a big part of Kaley's philosophy and winning program. He shares his most powerful adjustments as he describes the Black call, Fire call, and the 500's. An all out application of pressure is the result of the "Red" call. An experienced strategist, Kaley feels that his adjustments make opponents adjust to him. The Pressure Zone Defense is one of the major aspects of his incredible success in collegiate lacrosse! Developed by combining pressure to his winning "man down" scheme, this defense will provide an edge to the coaches who adopt it.

30 minutes. 2006.

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