Introduction to Basic Tumbling

Introduction to Basic Tumbling
Introduction to Basic Tumbling
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Kelly Garrison
1988 Olympic Gymnast, 1988 Olympic Gymnastic Team Captain, 3 time National Balance Beam Champion, Professional World Balance Beam Champion, USA Gymnastic Hall of Fame Member

Understanding the basic body positions is a requirement to learning good quality tumbling elements. These introductory elements and shapes are the "cookie batter" of gymnastics and must be taught to gymnasts with exact technique. Kelly brings you to these exacting techniques through instruction, demonstrations with young gymnasts, and drills designed to assist with the teaching of these skills. Body control and form enables a gymnast to perform safe and correct skills, which will determine the future elements a gymnast will be able to learn. Any new gymnastics coaches and instructors should have complete understanding of the techniques provided on this video.

36 minutes. 2002.