Intermediate Spread Formation Triple Option

Intermediate Spread Formation Triple Option
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Use the triple option to spread the field, forcing the defense to cover sideline to sideline!

  • Learn quarterback pitch mechanics and the fundamentals of executing an arc block
  • Discover how to count the read key, pitch key, and run support to get into the correct blocking scheme
  • Understand when to use the "loop" scheme and when to use the "veer in" scheme to run the triple option

with Tim Stowers,
Holmes Community College Offensive Coordinator;
former Georgia Southern University Head Coach, 1990 NCAA Division I-AA/FCS National Champions; 1990 AFCA National Coach of Year

Tim Stowers has coached the Flexbone triple option since 1985 when he was an assistant at Georgia Southern, and in 1990 he became the head coach. He started coaching the offense when it was in its infancy and has been part of all the additions and adjustments this devastating offense has had in that time. Under Coach Stowers' direction, the Holmes offense led the MACJC in rushing the last three years (2014-16), finishing third nationally in 2015 (314 ypg) and second nationally in 2016 (305 ypg). Holmes' offense averaged 30 plus points per game in 2015 and 2016.

Discover a system that will allow you to maintain maximum control while still giving your offense flexibility. Tim Stowers presents the modern version of the wishbone scheme that's known as flexbone. In this second of three videos, Coach Stowers teaches a running game system that's quick to implement and that can be easily executed by an offense with minimal skill. The QB's reads and options are precise and well-defined, while the O-line's blocking is based on a strategic numbers system.

Quarterback Mechanics for the Triple Option

Stowers teaches his quarterbacks to pitch the ball using the "thumbs down" method, which suits his philosophy of attacking the inside half of the pitch key, as well as "accepted tail motion" by the A backs using a rhythmic snap count.

Stowers then explains how he coaches quarterbacks to handle "1 and 2 hard," which is a common scheme defenses will employ to force the quarterback into a bad read. He also describes the "towel drill" that he uses to teach the A backs how to arc block on the proper path.

Loop and Veer In Blocking Schemes

By utilizing various blocking schemes, the triple option offense can take advantage of the defense's alignment and gap assignment principles to give itself the advantage. The "loop" scheme is utilized when the defense places the dive key inside of the offensive tackle or when the middle linebacker is running out to the alley.

Stowers explains how the "veer in" scheme can be used instead of a combination block to run the triple option to the "three technique" to gain an extra blocker on the play.

Zone Dive Play

Discover how the zone dive play can be utilized as a complement to the triple option when the defense runs the linebackers outside of the "veer block" of the tackle. The backfield action and mesh between the quarterback and B back is identical to the triple option, making it impossible for the defense to distinguish between triple option and zone dive. Coach Stowers goes into detail about how he utilizes the zone dive play to the side of the three technique, especially when the center is uncovered.

Stowers also explains what his thought process would be in terms of play calling with the triple option depending on some common things the defense would do.

Whether you're switching to the triple option or looking to improve on your own system, this video from Coach Stowers is a great resource to enhance your team's play.

78 minutes. 2017.

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