Installing the Sliding Defensive System

Installing the Sliding Defensive System
Installing the Sliding Defensive System
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  • Improve your Lacrosse coaching!
  • Learn from Tony Seaman!
  • Take your team to the next level!
  • Learn from the best, to become your best!
with Tony Seaman,
Denver Outlaws (MLL) Head Coach;
St. Andrews High School (FL) Head Coach;
2016 IMLCA Hall of Fame; 2018 Howdy Myers 'Man of the Year' Award;
former Denver Outlaws General Manager;
engineered a team that set 10 MLL records in 2013 on its way to become the first in MLL history, and just the fourth team in North American major pro sports, to finish a season undefeated;
former Towson University Head Coach;
3X National Coach of the Year (of only two coaches to have been honored as the National Coach of the Year at two different schools);
over 250 career wins; 1994 United States National Team Head Coach (World Champions)

With over 20 years of college coaching experience, Coach Tony Seaman has established himself as a master of the game. Seaman has compiled over 200 career wins and led his teams to 16 NCAA tournaments. Team defense has been a foundation for Seaman's success and in this video he shares the essentials to playing team defense with the "Sliding Defense" system. Using marker board presentation and on-field demonstration, Seaman systematically teaches the Xs and Os of the crease/slide package. Seaman builds the basic slide package with principles of player positioning, responsibilities, and communication versus the 1-3-2 and 1-4-1 offensive sets, emphasizing 1-on-1 pressure defense, double-teams, and area coverages. Coach Seaman also shares two philosophies of sliding defense to force the offense to play to defensive strengths and offensive weaknesses by guiding the ball and player movement. In further developing team defense, Seaman teaches the principles and fundamentals of the second and third slides, behind the goal scenarios, and exceptions to using the slide. This video will help you develop and successfully implement a sliding defense to add pressure, put the ball on the ground, create transitions, gain offensive advantages, and excel at any level of play!

48 minutes. 2005.

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