Install and Intimidate with the 4-2-5

Install and Intimidate with the 4-2-5
Install and Intimidate with the 4-2-5
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Product Description

  • Adjust to anything the offense throws at you
  • Learn the key components and the philosophy of the 4-2-5 defense
  • Get the stance, alignment, and key reads for each defensive player
  • See a specific list of items each player can quickly check before each play begins
with Drew Sanders,Vandegrift (TX) High School Head Coach;
in 2018: Texas 6A Div. II Regional Semi-Finalists, 12-1 final record;
Undefeated District 13-6A Champions;
#1 Ranked Defense in 13-6A;
Most interceptions in school history (12)

With all of the formation and motion changes in today's high school football, coaches need a system that enables the defense to adjust easily. In this football video, Drew Sanders provides an overview of his 4-2-5 system. You will learn the why and the how for installing Sander's defensive philosophy.

Gain an understanding of the flexibility that a 4-front defense can give you, the key advantages that a 4-2 front has over a 3-3 front or a 3-4 front when trying to contain the edge, the ability of a 4-2-5 to adjust to your opponent's shifting formations, and how transferring coverage is so easy from a base 4-2-5.

Sanders teaches the stances for each position, the basic alignments, assignments, and keys reads. He also includes concepts you can use when installing any defense.

Coach Sanders touches on his overall football philosophy breaking it down into seven major points and shows, "How to generate a community of all out support," by following his seven points. He provides a sample of his team's Ten Commandments (ex. You make plays by doing your job), and you will learn his 6-Point Game Plan Philosophy all based on "Hope is not a strategy."

You'll also get a look at the weekly breakdown for the Vandegrift defensive coaching staff, how Sanders game plans each week, what he looks for in opposing offenses, and the basics of compiling a report.

As an added bonus, the video features a player's guide to watching video thatdemonstrates how a player can benefit from knowing more about their opponent.

This video provides you with a vast amount of information, not only dealing with the 4-2-5 but also the overall operation of a high school football program.

This video will be a benefit to any football coach wanting to improve their program.

65 minutes. 2012.

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