Inside Trips

Inside Trips
Inside Trips
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Everything you need to learn about the inside trip - from set-ups to the pin
  • Learn how to hit the inside trip from nine different set-ups
  • See how to take the inside trip from a 2-point move to a 5-point nearfall or pin
  • Learn how to use the inside trip as a counter to a single leg takedown
with Mike Powell,
Oak Park River Forest (IL) High School; 2x Illinois Dual Team State Champions;
2012 National Wrestling Hall of Fame - recipient of the Medal of Courage;
former Illinois National Team Greco-Roman Coach; 2012 USA Wrestling Cadet Coach of the Year;
All-American wrestler at Indiana University

Mike Powell, member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, presents a detailed look at the inside trip. You'll get an overview of the ideal positions to trip from, basic setups and techniques, as well as tips that Coach Powell teaches to hit the inside trip every time.

Fundamentals of the Inside Trip

Coach Powell breaks down the basic movements of the inside trip. He covers head to side you'll trip, detailing the steps for a successful move. To pull off the inside trip, wrestlers must turn their hips and shuffle step in while keeping the opponent's inside thigh on the front of their thigh. Coach Powell includes the rest of the move progression and gives pointers on what makes the move more effective.

Set-Ups to Inside Trip

Get nine set-ups to use for the inside trip from Coach Powell, including:

  • Underhook - Coach Powell's #1 set-up that leads into his highest percentage trip.
  • Over Under Position - Great move for "less athletic" upper weights.
  • Over Under with Locked Hands - This position doesn't let the opponent back out and can lead to back points or a fall.
  • Single Overhook - When the opponent gets the underhook, force them to chase you into the inside trip.
  • Double Overhook - For wrestlers who have trouble slipping the underhook, especially the upper weights.
  • Saitiev - From a whizzer position.
  • Outside/Inside Trip - An effective move against any opponent.
  • Front Headlock - Coach Powell shows it from a specific headlock position (snap down from underhook), which makes it more high percentage. However, it can be done from any front headlock position.
  • 2-on-1 Position - Can also lead to a double or single leg takedown. Coach Powell gives a detailed breakdown of switching off to finish with a double or single leg takedown.

Coach Powell closes with a look at the Inside Trip as a method to defend the single leg and a drill that trains your wrestlers to keep their knee off the mat until their opponent is off balance.

Everything you need to learn about the inside trip is included in this detailed video from Coach Powell!

51 minutes. 2014.

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