Inside Triple Offense: RPOs, Play Action Passes

Inside Triple Offense: RPOs, Play Action Passes
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Get the essential RPO and play action plays to enhance your Inside Triple offense!

  • Add Stick, Spot, and Spam RPO concepts to your Inside Triple run game to confuse opposing defenses
  • Learn quick screens and lock screens to use in your offense to get the ball into the hands of your best playmakers
  • Discover the best play action passes to use to catch the defense off-guard and increase your chance for explosive plays

with John Lilly,
Independence High School (WV) Head Coach;
former Assistant Coach,
Spring League NFL Development Program

The triple option is an offense that has benefited greatly with adaption of RPOs. In this video, John Lilly shows you how the RPO has helped revolutionize an offense that is already predicated on how the defense reacts to motions and shifts. Adding RPOs and play action to your Inside Triple offense will place defenders in tough spots, providing your team multiple ways to make them pay.

Inside Zone with RPOs

Coach Lilly begins by diagramming the basic inside zone running play that serves as a base for his RPOs. He covers the three basic RPOs (Spot, Spam, Stick) that he uses the most, including the quarterback's reads and mechanics along with the receiver routes. Additionally, Lilly talks about the "key" screen package that he uses as a way to get receivers involved in the offense when a running play is called.

Not only does Coach Lilly explain these concepts - you'll see several examples of them in action thanks to provided game footage.

Play Action Passes

Next, Lilly shares some of his most successful play action passes. A unique feature of his offense is that these routes can be called with different protections to make the teaching and installation easier. The routes can be used as part of the drop back passing game or as part of the play action passing game with a run fake.

Altogether, you'll learn:

  • How to teach the "Y cross" pattern, including QB reads and receiver route running mechanics.
  • How Lilly coaches and utilizes the 4 verticals route.
  • The "Honda" route that is the perfect counter to teams that like to play robber coverage to gain a numbers advantage against the run.

Varied Running Scheme

Lilly concludes with a look at some of the schemes he runs that change who the offense reads. These plays are especially useful to take advantage of an overaggressive player on the defense, or to allow the offense to read a dominant player rather than having to try to block him. The "16/17" read is featured, which allows the offense to read the middle linebacker against teams that over-pursue on perimeter run plays.

Coach Lilly does an excellent job presenting the RPO and play action passing game that he uses in his offense. These schemes are sure to keep your opponents off-balance on defense!

47 minutes. 2018.

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