Inside Triple Offense: Complementary Run Game and How to Install the Inside Triple

Inside Triple Offense: Complementary Run Game and How to Install the Inside Triple
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Make your Inside Triple offense more effective with additional run plays and the drills to implement them!

  • Add outside zone and speed option looks to your Inside Triple offense to attack defenses at more angles
  • Discover how to drill the option mesh and RPO mesh to give your QB the chance to practice decision making at full speed
  • See all the complementary run plays for the Inside Triple and how to get athletes to learn them quickly

with John Lilly,
Independence High School (WV) Head Coach;
former Assistant Coach,
Spring League NFL Development Program

John Lilly provides complementary plays to add to your Inside Triple offense in this comprehensive video. You'll get outside zone, quarterback read, and speed option plays to add to your Inside Triple base package.

The triple option offense relies on great meshes, which need strong timing. The repetition and mastery of this is vital. That's why Coach Lilly has found success focusing on a small set of essential skills, rather than confusing players with a ton of rarely-used, specialized concepts.

Complementary Run Game

Lilly begins by diagramming three main running plays that serve as complements to the base inside zone play that is the backbone of the offense. He explains the "why" behind each play and shows them against a variety of defensive fronts. Included are reads and quarterback mechanics, as well as footwork and aiming points for running backs.

Among the plays you'll learn are:

  • The "28/29" sweep play and how to run it from a variety of formations with and without motion.
  • The "16/17" read play, which is a complement to the sweep play.
  • The "18/19" option, which allows the offense to change who the quarterback reads while forcing the defense to be more predictable.

Run Tape Drills

Next, you'll get the "run tape" series of drills that Coach Lilly uses to teach the mechanics of the offense to skill players. These drills work on many of the reps needed to successfully execute an option-based attack. Included in this segment are key coaching points for mesh and pitch mechanics, footwork and aiming points for running backs, and the specific reads for the quarterbacks on each play.

You'll see:

  • The mesh read that is utilized in "14/15" read that serves as the basis for the offense.
  • How Coach Lilly teaches the pitch read on the "14/15" option and on the "18/19" speed option.
  • The specific reads, routes and mechanics for the three main RPOs that Lilly uses with his offense.
  • The reads and mechanics for the "28/29" sweep and the "16/17" read play.
  • How to organize drills depending on the number of players available.

This is a great companion to Coach Lilly's other videos on the Inside Triple offense. If you're looking to fine tune your triple option system, add complementary plays to your system, or adapt the system as a whole, this resource is perfect for you!

37 minutes. 2018.

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