Inside Tie Series

Inside Tie Series
Inside Tie Series
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Product Description

  • Learn to open your opponent up to attack on either side of his body
  • See how to use the inside tie to hit six different takedown attacks
  • Includes drills to fine tune the technique
with Matt Azevedo, Drexel University Head Coach
former Cornell University Assistant Coach;
2x US National Team member; US Open Freestyle National Champion

Take away your opponent's strength with the inside tie.

Matt Azevedo demonstrates a simple, yet versatile, set-up that every wrestler needs for his arsenal. The inside tie will open up your opponent, allowing you to score on either side of his body in many different ways.

Starting with the basic position, Coach Azevedo teaches you the six key points to controlling your opponent with the inside tie. He also demonstrates many ways to get into the inside tie including circling, using fakes, from a collar tie, through wrist control and more.

Once the basic position is establish, Azevedo shows you how to use the inside tie to attack your opponent with six takedown techniques:

  • Single Leg Attacks
  • "Barrel Roll"
  • High Crotch Attacks
  • Fireman's Carry
  • Double Leg Attacks
  • Front Headlock

Azevedo shows three different variations of each attack. What makes the inside tie so valuable is that it never changes, but the attack is different every time. That keeps your opponent guessing, which keeps him off balance and easier to score on.

You will also see the drills that Azevedo uses to train the inside tie. These drills focus on footwork and fakes, putting the combinations together and getting comfortable wrestling out of the inside tie position and using your attack hand.

The inside tie is easy to learn and is effective on any level - for any style of wrestler!

59 minutes. 2010.

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