Inside/Outside Zone Blocking Technique

Inside/Outside Zone Blocking Technique
Inside/Outside Zone Blocking Technique
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with Ken Wilmesherr,
Grossmont College Offensive Line Coach;
former Southwestern College (CA) Assistant Coach

Zone blocking provides cutback lanes and double teams on the inside zone. This blocking is designed to get vertical movement on the line. Outside zone blocking is designed to stretch the defense allowing for more horizontal push by offensive linemen and seams for running backs. Coach Wilmesherr teaches six steps in the blocking progression for inside and outside zone coverage against the 4-3 and eagle weak defenses. He teaches stance with power producing angles, the five-finger bridge, and toe-to-instep foot position. The four-step progression is taught to insure proper stance. Wilmesherr uses 2 x 4 boards to teach visual landmarks to his linemen. Step progression includes the jab step, drive step, and up field step. Wilmesherr also describes thick and thin calls, which involve communication between linemen regarding the position of linebackers. Drills include Duck walk demeanor drill, wide base run and the pipe drill.

62 minutes. 2007.

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