Innovative Practice Planning

Innovative Practice Planning
Innovative Practice Planning
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Product Description

Plan fun and efficient practices regardless of the space available or number of assistants on your staff
  • Learn how to incorporate scientifically-based learning strategies into your practices to maximize your impact as a coach
  • Discover how to organize practice based around what's important and urgent
  • Learn how to use goal setting and competition to measure success or to determine what areas need to be worked on more
with Randy Schneider,
former Iowa State University Assistant Coach;
former University of Wisconsin Associate Head Coach;
2013 Big Ten Tournament Champions;
Former head coach at Valparaiso University, where he left as the programs all-time wins leader; 2008 Horizon League Co-Coach of the Year

Step into Randy Schneider's classroom and learn from one of the most creative minds in the game of softball!

All players have different strengths and weaknesses. With effective practice planning, you can maximize each player's abilities and contributions to your team. The current generation of softball players has many different avenues competing for their attention, which has necessitated that coaches become more creative in planning their practices. Coach Schneider explains his philosophies of putting together a productive practice using proven learning strategies and creative drills that will help you get the most out of every practice.

Teaching Components

Coaches need to understand how each of their athletes learn to help them understand the skills required to compete at a high level. Coach Schneider explains three types of learners and how you can incorporate this information about your players to structure your practices in a more productive manner.

Once you understand how each of your players learn individually, Coach Schneider details seven proven learning strategies and explains how you can use them in your practices by tweaking drills you already spend time doing. These strategies are borrowed from the teaching world and have been scientifically proven to help students learn better.


Get the most out of your time with your athletes by analyzing how you use your facility and what you spend time working on. Coach Schneider explains a method for prioritizing wich skills need to be worked on each day, addressing the most urgent and important skills first. He also talks about how to get maximum production by using your facility efficiently while keeping practice fun by using creative drills.

Creating a Culture for Success

Coaches must have a framework and philosophies of how to run their entire program if they are to become successful. Coach Schneider explains his beliefs on what makes a successful program, which includes running his team like a business by focusing on planning and organizing, teamwork, and setting goals.

Use Coach Schneider's teachings to make your practices more fun for you and your softball players!

75 minutes. 2016.

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