Injecting Competition Into Golf Practice

Injecting Competition Into Golf Practice
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Product Description

Competitive drills to make practice more fun and help golfers perform under pressure!

  • Includes 15 drills, with set goals, to get players used to competing when the stakes are high
  • Make more putts from close range, get better at two-putting from long distances, and improve conversion rate of getting up-and-down for par
  • Build team camaraderie with game-like drills that inspire competition and creativity

with Chris Hill,
Concordia University Texas Head Coach;
2016 ASC Conference Champions - first in program history;
2016 Division III National Coach of the Year finalist;
coach of the 2015 Palmer Cup U.S. team;
2014 Jan Strickland Award recipient at the University of Houston, given to the nation's top assistant coach.

Coach Hill demonstrates 15 of his favorite competitive drills that have helped his team improve its putting and chipping. Many of these drills are game-like in nature and force golfers to hit putts and chips under pressure, which can pay dividends once players hit the course come tournament time. In addition to adding a "weight" to each stroke of the club with stakes on the line, the nature of these drills can foster a fun practice environment and bring your team closer together.

Putting Drills

You'll get 12 putting exercises that provide incentive to perform at a high level, whether it's to continue making putts to avoid starting the drill over, direct competition against teammates, or even tangible rewards for winning like a can of soda or sleeve of golf balls. Coach Hill explains the benefits of each drill, which include converting two-putts, getting the correct speed down, and becoming more comfortable with putts from common distances. Drills include:

  • The Tornado - Match-play putting between two people.
  • Putting Circle - Great short-range drill to begin or end practice with.
  • The Four Corners - Helps players avoid three-putts.
  • Twenty-One - Fun game between partners that uses two holes.
  • The Soda Can - Winner gets to keep the soda.
  • Champion - Coach Hill's team completes this drill after every practice and round.
  • Pool - Make your balls and the "8-ball" before your opponents.

Chipping Drills

Coach Hill presents three chipping drills with goals of sticking the ball close to the hole and getting up-and-down. One advanced wrinkle that he likes to add to chipping practice is to have players move their ball back a club's length after every chip, that way golfers are tasked with more than a tap-in on the ensuing putt. Your players will especially enjoy the Target Golf drill, which is a lot like darts on a golf green.

Practicing putting and chipping shouldn't be 'a drag' for your team to do. With Coach Hill's competitive drills shown in this video, golfers will have fun as they compete against themselves and their peers to become a champion of the short game!

42 minutes. 2017.

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