Indoor-to-Sand Progression: Do's and Don'ts of Sand Volleyball

Indoor-to-Sand Progression: Do's and Don'ts of Sand Volleyball
Indoor-to-Sand Progression: Do's and Don'ts of Sand Volleyball
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Product Description

  • Take training drills and techniques of the indoor game and apply them to the rules of sand volleyball
  • Control a rally by playing "small ball"
  • Teach your players to perform each skill from both sides of the court
  • Learn drills that help with the transition from indoor to sand volleyball
with Nina Matthies,
Pepperdine University Head Women's Volleyball Coach;
10x West Coast Conference champs; 6x West Coast Conference Coach of the Year

In January 2010, the NCAA added sand volleyball to its list of emerging sports for women for Division I. In 2012, women's teams from all over the country will compete at the collegiate level for the first time under the sanction of the NCAA. During this exciting time for the growth of volleyball the need for expert instruction in the sand game will become more and more desirable.

Enter Nina Matthies and her version of Sand Volleyball 101. In this excellent instructional video filmed on-location at the AVCA convention in San Antonio, Coach Matthies demonstrates the proper way to warm-up and train sand volleyball players. She lists and demonstrate the various differences between the indoor game and the outdoor game.

From technique differences to rule differences this video covers all of the basics you need to know as a sand volleyball coach or player. Coach Matthies also gives very insightful instruction on sand volleyball tactics, drills and practice games.

You will learn:

  • The importance of understanding how to play "small ball" or passing to another player who is in close proximity in order to control the rally.
  • The different types of attacks that are important in the beach game because open hand dinking is not allowed on the sand.
  • The additional types of defensive moves available to use in the sand because the sand is significantly more forgiving than a sport court.
  • The different type of communication necessary on the sand. Even more communication is needed in the two person game than in the indoor game.
This video is a must have for any developing sand volleyball program, coach or player.

46 minutes. 2012.

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