Indoor Skills and Drills for Better Infield Defense

Indoor Skills and Drills for Better Infield Defense
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A blueprint for practicing indoors in small spaces that will improve your infielders' skills!

  • Learn four drills to increase double play effectiveness
  • Improve your team's footwork around the bases and glove action on tag plays
  • Get drills that build a strong, accurate throw from all levels and angles

with Randy Ward,
Loyola Marymount University Assistant Coach;
in 2016, the Lions led the nation in doubles (106) and doubles per game (2.00)

Small practice space? Doesn't matter! Randy Ward shows how you how to run a complete defensive workout for your infielders, all within the confines of a smaller indoor space.

Coach Ward provides a walk through and demonstration of fielding, throwing, and receiving progressions that are designed to build a solid foundation in defensive mechanics. He presents over 30 drills designed to reinforce best practices in order to improve the quickness and overall success rate of infielders.

Simplify Throwing Mechanics

Coach Ward implements a 3-step throwing technique to establish the proper positions of the glove, hand, elbow, feet and fingers in the throwing motion. This will help you and your players easily find and correct throwing flaws while decreasing errant throws.

Throws and Flips

To be able to throw out a runner, fielders have to have as many tools as possible. Coach Ward walks you through the basic checkpoints of throwing from all levels and angles, as well as the best situations to use each one. Throws include:

  • Routine throw - For most infield throwing situations
  • Dart throw - For throwing in rundown situations
  • "Tilt" throws - Ideal for quick release on low bounce balls
  • Underhand flips - Focus on receipt of the ball, quick transfer, clearing the glove behind the body and exposing the ball to the receiver during the throw.Glove flips - Can be the fastest delivery of the ball depending on the scenario, by eliminating a ball transfer while delivering the ball.

Receiving a Throw

Footwork and glove position are paramount to recording an out. Learn how jab steps, shuffle steps, and body spins help to position the feet and lower body in a way that maximizes the use of the legs and throwing mechanics to field and deliver the ball quickly.

Ward demonstrates the unique characteristics of receiving throws in force plays versus tag play situations. You'll learn three ways to get outs on a force play at the base, including how to pick a throw that bounces short of the base and the best way to transfer into a throwing position. He also explains when and how standard tags and swipe tags should be applied based on the throw.

Increase your chances of achieving the elusive double play. Ward demonstrates how to improve footwork around the bases when receiving the ball from different angles, as well as decreasing transfer time by ensuring the feed is in the right place at the right time.

Fielding Any Type of Ground Ball

Players need to understand how to not only field a ground ball, but how to do it quickly and in the best position to throw the runner out. Ward breaks down each situation and provides you with a step-by-step solution for any circumstances you may encounter. Because softball is not a game of perfection, he also shows your fielders how to recover from bad hops and booted balls to make the out in poor conditions.

Additionally, ard shows you a pre-pitch routine to get your players prepared to move in any direction with the most range as the batter makes contact with the ball. They'll get to the ball faster and create more outs.

Drills to Maximize Practice Time

In practice, time is of the essence. Coach Ward introduces drills that allow you to focus on fundamentals of both the thrower and receiver and increase the effectiveness of your practice. The Mini 4 Corners Drill allows you to involve four players at a time and teach them throwing and receiving all different throws.

Coach Ward shows you how to make the most of your space and time spent with your infielders. These drills are perfect for those cold or rainy days when going outside to practice on a field isn't an option.

100 minutes. 2017.

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