Indoor Lacrosse: Offensive and Defensive Drills

Indoor Lacrosse: Offensive and Defensive Drills
Indoor Lacrosse: Offensive and Defensive Drills
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Product Description

  • Get six essential shooting techniques for your offensive arsenal
  • Learn best practices for using the 30 second clock
  • Pick up one-on-one defensive techniques and learn to defense the pick and screen game
with Johnny Mouradian,
CEO/Founder American Indoor Lacrosse Association;
former Philadelphia Wings General Manager and Head Coach; Inducted into the National Lacrosse League Hall of Fame (2008)

Lacrosse legend Johnny Mouradian opens this on-field demonstration with the coaching points and philosophy behind the effective execution of various shots. Mouradian uses NLL players to demonstrate six effective shooting techniques: Underhand, overhand, backhand, sidearm, break away and screen shots. Quick stick and inside rolling shots are also covered.

Mouradian also shows the best way to manage the 30-second clock, demonstrating how a goalie can get the ball out of the crease and how the defense can move it across the center line before time runs down.

Since winning an indoor lacrosse game often hinges on strong 1-on-1 defenders, Mouradian explains individual defensive principles. He also covers defending the pick, the re-pick, and the 2-man screen game.

He finishes with the importance of safety when players go to the corner and pick up a loose ball. A defender heading to the corner must make a jab, pick up the ball, and quickly get out of trouble.

The offensive and defensive skills for the 4-on-4 game and a 3-man game are also demonstrated.

73 minutes. 2011.

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