Indoor Lacrosse: Alley System, Pick Series and Screen Series

Indoor Lacrosse: Alley System, Pick Series and Screen Series
Indoor Lacrosse: Alley System, Pick Series and Screen Series
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Product Description

  • Get a thorough breakdown of the highly visual Alley System
  • Learn effective ways to keep the defense guessing and to get your players open shots
  • Incorporate this system into your field game to enhance your offensive weapons
with Johnny Mouradian,
CEO/Founder American Indoor Lacrosse Association;
former Philadelphia Wings General Manager and Head Coach; Inducted into the National Lacrosse League Hall of Fame (2008)

Lacrosse legend Johnny Mouradian details the alley system beginning with an easy-to-follow explanation of the alley numbering system, including the rationale behind the low-, mid- and high-alley areas.

Mouradian covers offensive 1-on-1 movement and positioning, using players to demonstrate the concepts.

He moves into the two-man pick series, which can be used to pressure the defender covering the ball. With Mouradian providing a step-by-step explanation, players execute several effective strategies, including the give and go, slip pick, brush pick, up pick, backdoor pick, pick and re-pick. Mouradian also covers the importance of taking inventory, looking at the clock, looking at defenders and understanding the overall offensive situation.

Since the screen can be used in the two-man series to pressure a defender without the ball, Mouradian includes several proven tactics like up screen, back screen, slip screen, and down screen. He stresses the importance of seeing the floor, keeping your stick in the ready four position and taking advantage of confused defenders.

All of these tactics when combined create a potent offensive attack that can be utilized both on the floor or on the field!

51 minutes. 2011.

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