Individual Skill Development for Long Stick Midfielders

Individual Skill Development for Long Stick Midfielders
Individual Skill Development for Long Stick Midfielders
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Product Description

  • Learn how to train players to handle ground balls under pressure and build hand speed during checks
  • Get a series of footwork drills to help defensemen maintain position during defensive play
  • Learn how to extend and recover through several breakout drills that involve passing, catching and escaping from a double team
  • Get a series of drills designed specifically to develop checking fundamentals
  • Mercer University Associate Head Coach;
    former Lehigh University Assistant Coach,
    former assistant coach at Salisbury University, played on national championship teams at Salisbury University and Onondaga Community College;

    introduction by Kevin Cassese, Lehigh University Head Coach

    Lehigh consistently ranks in the Top 10 nationally in goal against average. In this presentation, Chad Surman shares drills and coaching instructions for developing the long-pole lacrosse player. By progressively combining individual footwork, stick, ground ball and shooting techniques, this presentation helps build the "complete" long-pole player.

    Coach Surman shares a series of challenging individual training techniques and competitive drills. Wall ball and ladder drills specifically designed for the long-pole player teaches them how to better handle the ball in transition, making players stronger in offensive and defensive situations.

    Stickwork Drills
    Beginning with the a series of wall ball reps to build confidence and skills, Coach Surman shares stick-handling drills to help with fielding ground balls, passing and check motions. The ground ball drills teach players how to feel their opponents and move into open space after recovering the ground ball. The check motion drills feature the M, W, Figure 8 and Circle movements to develop control and quickness. Coach Surman also gives a series of approach-and-recover drills that develop quick hands in the passing lanes using the stick-handling skills to help knock down passes. Individual exercises are presented that players can perform on their own as well as advanced checking techniques. Team drills performed at full speed bring all of the techniques together.

    Footwork Drills
    Coach Surman then takes the viewer through a series of drills using a ladder to build speed and quickness, and then adds drills to develop approach and recovery speed and control while providing game-like scenarios.

    Game Situation Drills
    Building on the stick-handling and footwork drills used earlier, Coach Surman shares drills tying in approach and recovery, breakouts, transition footwork and double team drills to build the defensive skills necessary for long-stick midfielders and close defenseman.

    Regardless of an individual's offense or defensive position, this presentation will help develop the complete long-pole player. Coaches and players alike need only apply hard work to the instruction shown in order to improve their proficiency and become highly skilled long-pole lacrosse players.

    52 minutes. 2015.

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