Individual Shooting & Conditioning Workout

Individual Shooting & Conditioning Workout
Individual Shooting & Conditioning Workout
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Product Description

  • Incorporate strength and basketball fundamentals work within the same workout
  • Sharpen your athletes focus as their bodies get fatigued
  • Give your player a goal/competitive system to use in their individual workouts
with Justin Kittredge, President and Founder of Shooting Touch, Inc.;
World Record Holder of most free throws made in 2 minutes

This video provides a new approach to training for basketball, as it combines strength training and fundamental skill work within the same workout. Combining strength and conditioning with basketball skill training is an important ingredient in becoming an exceptional all-around basketball player.

Justin Kittredge introduces seven intense basketball workouts that are good for all levels of basketball training.

There are two main focuses in this video that Justin believes will make you a complete basketball player:

  • Strength and Conditioning - This DVD will show you several different body weight exercises to incorporate into your basketball workout routine. These exercises focus on good form and pushing yourself to the limit. By combining the strength and conditioning exercises with basketball workouts, you build muscle strength, endurance, balance and coordination to becoming a better athlete.
  • Shooting and Basketball Skills - Each workout includes a shooting drill that will allow you to improve your floater, pull-up jumper, mid-range shot and 3-point shot. At the end of each workout you will take a foul shot. If you miss, you will do another strength exercise until you make the foul shot. Ending each drill this way shows the importance of foul shooting and staying mentally tough when fatigued.
  • Austin Malleolo, Head Coach at Reebok CrossFit One, demonstrates the proper way to do many of the exercises necessary to build muscle and endurance for the game of basketball.

    Develop an individual workout routine to put yourself physically and mentally ahead of your competition.

    46 minutes. 2013.

    The drills in the Shooting Touch #DemandExcellence video are perfect for any player or team that want to work on fatigue shooting. I promise you these will push you to the limits and are great practice for when it counts.
    - Jay Triano, Assistant Coach Portland Trailblazers

    I have started to incorporate all of these Shooting Touch #DemandExcellence drills into all of my camps, clinics and practices. We pride ourselves on being in great shape at the end of game situations and these drills are perfect practice.
    - Hall of Fame Coach Bob Hurley, St. Anthony's, Jersey City, NJ

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