Individual Progression Drills

Individual Progression Drills
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A blueprint that develops outstanding fundamentals on all of your players' strokes!

  • Learn powerful swing progressions that allow the player to hit with varying levels of power and spin
  • Maximize spin and power on shots and develop feel for both powerful volleys and softer, touch volleys
  • Get serving progressions to promote more use of the legs and core muscles for more power and spin

with David Roditi,
TCU Head Men's Tennis Coach;
2017 Big 12 Coach of the Year - 3x Big 12 Coach of the Year;
Back-to-Back Big 12 Champions (2016-17);
2015 Wilson/ITA National Coach of the Year;
3x All-American at TCU - holds the school record for combined career victories

Developing an all-court game is more valuable than ever, as today's athletes are becoming stronger and more athletic. Learning the finer points of the fundamentals that are essential for the groundstroke, volley, and serve are vital for today's modern player!

TCU head coach David Roditi shows detailed and easy-to-follow progressions for groundstrokes, volleys, transition shots, and the serve that build solid fundamentals on all strokes. No matter what level a student is at, they can quickly build their skills on the court by following Coach Roditi's progressions. Roditi has developed a practice plan that is fun and has a mix of cooperative and competitive drills.

Along the way, Roditi provides several insightful tips that he has learned both in his playing career and as a coach. He gives valuable instruction on hitting balls with more power and spin, as well as his favorite strategies for match play.

Swing Progression - Groundstrokes

Roditi demonstrates the importance of knowing when to hit the right shot, depending on the shot you get from your opponent. By stressing the values of 'lifting' and 'driving,' Roditi allows his players to learn how to control points during match play. Starting first with simple ball feeds and then progressing to live ball drills, a player works on emphasizing drive and power when the ball is rising and then works on lifting the ball when the ball is falling.

Along the way, Roditi provides several valuable tips on how to adjust stroke technique based on your intent. By emphasizing shot selection, Roditi is able to reinforce proper head and body movement as well. Roditi applies these concepts both in isolation and live ball drills, allowing the player to learn as they play. The structure of the drills is such that there are both cooperative and competitive play.

Hitting Progression - Racket Speed

Coach Roditi explains and shows how to work on racquet head speed. Starting with the key concept to aim for different parts of the ball depending on whether the player gets a high or low ball, Roditi outlines a progressive system to build racquet head speed.

  • Hand feeds - Players start with very simple feeds and work on hitting outside or inside of ball.
  • Cooperative drills - Players work on hitting versus faster paced balls with a variety of spins and heights.
  • Competitive hitting games - Once students have mastered a feel for hitting inside or outside of the ball based on height, they progress to point play to develop more advanced strategy in matches.
  • Teaching your players when to hit outside vs. inside will have them more focused on how the ball is not only coming off their racket, but how it finishes on the other side of the net. Roditi applies these concepts from the baseline and transitions seamlessly into the approach and net game fundamentals as well.

    Volley Progressions

    Coach Roditi shows how to handle two different volley types:

    • Deeper volleys that are typically hit from behind the service line and require more power.
    • Softer volleys when athletes are closer to the net and need to be more focused more on spin, feel, and touch with the hands.

    Roditi explains optimal positioning based on where the ball is on opponent's side, and provides training for the approach shot. You'll see an effective use of the slice as an approach shot to set up an easy volley winner, as well as drills to fix common errors made when hitting approach shots.

    Service Motion

    Are your players using the correct grip? When they miss a serve, is it in the

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