Individual Defensive Fundamentals

Individual Defensive Fundamentals
Individual Defensive Fundamentals
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with Richie Meade,
Furman University Head Men's Lacrosse Coach;
former U.S. Men's National Senior Team Head Coach;
former U.S. Naval Academy Men's Lacrosse Coach (2004 National Championship runner-up, 5x Patriot League Champions);
2004 National Coach of the Year; 2x Patriot League Coach of the YearStressing the importance of "hips, legs, heart and head," this video illustrates the building blocks of the Naval Academy Lacrosse team's success. Coach Meade's on-field demonstration is based on stance, cushion and agility and details teaching points of individual defense on and off the ball. Meade's "walk and talk" approach allows you to "see" the concepts as he explains them. Meade demonstrates how to defend behind the goal highlighting the trail position, inside/outside shoulder position and the use of the stick. He shows effective goal line techniques such as locking on, stepping down the goal line, and forcing the offensive player to move east or west on the initial move. Meade demonstrates on-ball techniques such as the "Push Out" concept to force the ball out of scoring areas, how to defend the flare cut and back cut, and several effective ways to use your stick when playing defense on the ball. The third section of this video provides excellent instruction for off-ball defensive strategies. Since good offensive players favor ball-side cuts, those cuts must be eliminated with good defense. Meade teaches players to anticipate ball-side cuts when playing off the ball. This video is a valuable tool for the lacrosse coach dedicated to solid teaching principles and building a championship defense!

58 minutes. 2006.

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