Improving Team Offense - Executing Motion & Stack Offenses

Improving Team Offense - Executing Motion & Stack Offenses
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Learn two complementary offenses that will take advantage of your players' skills and help them score more goals!

  • Learn how to run a motion offense with ball carriers dictating the off-ball players' movement that allows the field to open up for dodges, backdoor cuts, and feeds
  • Discover how to run a stacking offense that uses picks, slips, and screens to get offensive players open for receiving the ball from a feeder
  • Teach your players different dodges and cuts, and which is most likely to be used as part of the offense being executed at that time

with Mike Faith,
Franklin & Marshall Head Women's Lacrosse Coach;
Back-to-Back NCAA DIII Final Four appearances (2016-17);
2x Centennial Conference Champions (2017 & 2015);
former Elizabethtown College Head Coach,
2x Middle Atlantic Conference (MAC) Champs and 2x MAC Coach of the Year;
Division III All-American midfielder at Salisbury University

While competing in one of the most competitive lacrosse conferences in Division III and an always challenging non-conference schedule, the Franklin and Marshall women's lacrosse team never seems to have issues finding the back of the net, averaging at least 12 goals per game during the entirety of Mike Faith's tenure. This video offers a unique perspective as to how the Diplomats consistently score goals despite playing against top-tier competition.

Many offenses quickly become overly complex, causing confusion and frustration. As a result, players fall back to their comfort zone skills and play like seven individual players instead of a team. In this video, Coach Faith teaches two offensive concepts that are simple enough for the beginning player to grasp, yet flexible enough to work at the college level.

Easy to follow whiteboard explanations followed by clear and well-paced live video will give you the confidence you need to present these offenses to you team. Additionally, a full set of supporting drills will break down the offensive skills your players need to execute effortlessly during games.

Basic Motion Offense

This offense highlights your players' athleticism and dodging skills. Coach Faith walks through the concepts of the basic motion offense and shows how to divide the attack unit into groups, and how these groups work with each other. These fundamentals of the offense are worked on in a series of drills that teach and emphasize the movements and passing that will make this offense work for you. See players work on a variety of position-specific movements/dodges that help make them successful in this offense. The understanding of what's presented will enable the development of variations of this basic offense.

Stacking/Screening Offense

Coach Faith walks through the concepts of a basic stack, or screening offense. Understand how the implementation of this offense can create congestion and confusion in the attack zone by setting screens and picks both on- and off-ball. Many defenses simply cannot handle that level of confusion and congestion. Through a series of three drills, Faith teaches a few of these movements that will help your team create and capitalize on opportunities. Emphasis is placed on ball movement and spacing to create open looks off feeds.

Coach Faith outlines two separate, yet complementary offenses that your players can learn and implement quickly, freeing you to move onto teaching the finer points of the game without wasting time putting in complicated and confusing offensive schemes.

40 minutes. 2017.

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