Improving Players' Athleticism: Recovery Techniques

Improving Players' Athleticism: Recovery Techniques
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Incorporate recovery techniques into your team's daily routine to prevent injuries and help them 'bounce back' from a tough game or practice!

  • Create a post-practice recovery plan to help your athletes warm-down safely
  • Use static stretches to improve the recovery process so your team doesn't wear down over the course of the season
  • Learn which stretches translate to balance and stability to keep your players fresh

with Jason Papalio,
Athletic Recovery Training Specialist;
staff consultant for Manhattan College's 2014 and 2015 MAAC Champion basketball teams;
Has worked with high school, college and professional athletes

After a game or hard practice, it might seem normal to immediately pack up and head to the locker room. However, what you're missing out on may be one of the most important components to your team's longevity over the course of a season.

Athletic recovery training specialist Jason Papalio explains the importance of using recovery techniques in this video. You'll learn why it's essential to warm-down to prevent injuries and ensure that your athletes can bounce back quickly for the next game or practice.

Cat Cow Pose

Yoga has proven to be a beneficial tool in building strength, improving flexibility and better breathing. Injuries can occur when players lack flexibility, which makes building flexibility and strength two points you should address every day.

Core strength is important. However, players must also be flexible and not focus only on building the core. In Cat Cow Pose, athletes create space within the spine, flexibility of the spine, build muscles and incorporate proper breathing techniques.

Dynamic Lunge

Papalio showcases the dynamic lunge advanced exercise, which builds core and arm/leg muscles, incorporates balance, and strengthens the body. Body weight exercises are low-impact and can be used to help build muscles in the glutes, quads and hamstrings. Lunges are an excellent way to improve hip stability, overcome muscular imbalances and strengthen the quads to run faster and jump higher.


This section is part of Papalio's cool-down routine. These techniques help players relax after doing poses that may be challenging. The stretching helps lengthen the muscles and open the hips. It can also help flush the lymphatic system.

Coach Papalio covers a wide array of techniques that improve recovery in this video. If you want to make sure your team stays healthy and always competes at its optimal level, you need to emphasize recovery every day.

41 minutes. 2018.

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