Improving Players' Athleticism: Balance & Stability

Improving Players' Athleticism: Balance & Stability
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Improve balance and stability to make a profound impact on your players' all-around game!

  • Use different training devices to improve your players' balance, which will positively impact their performance in many areas
  • Understand what is key in bettering stability and balance and learn to troubleshoot common mistakes
  • Get multiple drills that will keep your team's practices and workouts fun for everyone

with Jason Papalio,
Athletic Recovery Training Specialist;
staff consultant for Manhattan College's 2014 and 2015 MAAC Champion basketball teams;
Has worked with high school, college and professional athletes

Every season, coaches explore various techniques to help their players improve. Oftentimes, the focus is on skill-based techniques and many people overlook how to build their athletes' balance and athleticism within the game.

In this video, Jason Papalio shows you ways to improve your athletes' athleticism on the court, utilizing various pieces of equipments such as rearrange harness and balance rings in order to build strength, power, balance and speed. Your off-season and in-season pre- or post-practice routines can be positively affected by implementing some of these training methods.

CoreVYO Harness

Papalio begins by showing a tool that engages the core. He combines breathing techniques with the harness to help improve performance. The harness will allow you to work toward preventing injuries, but with the resistance it also boosts overall performance. With a CoreVYO harness, you'll get effective, low-impact exercises that will pay dividends with your team's improved athleticism during the season.

Balance Pad

The next tool Papalio shares focuses specifically on balance and stability. A balance pad engages the core, makes you be 'in the moment' and can strengthen the joints. Additionally, it will improve the energy consumption and mental focus of your athletes by creating the same environment that players will experience in a game. The balance pads also allow coaches and trainers to see how a player naturally moves, which allows you to see, and address, imbalance.


Coach Papalio can change the resistance when using a harness to match the needs of each individual athlete. He shows multiple drills that you can do using both the harness and balance pad including conditioning, ball handling, shooting, defense, and other skill-building drills.

This video covers improving athlete performance by building a solid foundation of balance and stability. As you progress from dynamic stretching, you can improve a player's core and strength with low-impact exercises. Papalio's techniques are effective year-round and you'll observe a noticeable increase in their overall performance as you begin to implement these into your program.

41 minutes. 2018.

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