Implementing the 5-3-2 Formation

Implementing the 5-3-2 Formation
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Discover the tactics and roles necessary to run the 5-3-2 formation!

  • Get keys to individual defense that will allow athletes to flourish once they're in a team setting
  • Learn the roles of each defender in the 5-3-2 formation to help your players create pressure, deny passes, and win the ball
  • Build up play to finish on goal using game-like passing and movement off the ball

with Alan Yost, Capital University Head Men's Soccer Coach;
coached Capital to their first NCAA Tournament victory in school history (2017);
NSCAA Premier Diploma holder (highest diploma offered through the NSCAA); associate staff coach for the NSCAA;

Alan Yost and his Capital men's soccer team qualified for the NCAA Tournament in 2017 and became the first team in program history to win a game in the tournament. Yost's 5-3-2 defensive formation contributed to his team's success thanks to its ability to quickly take advantage of the counterattack.

This video from Coach Yost will help you teach your players to be successful in the 5-3-2 through a series of drills and games that focus on the technical and tactical buildup of the formation. Yost includes play diagramming and game highlights to help illustrate each teaching point he makes. The 5-3-2 is especially effective at keeping the opponent out of your critical scoring areas while enabling an effective counterattack through transition to finish.

Building the Defense

Reinforce fundamental individual defense and build to team defensive roles through a series of four drills and progressions. Coach Yost explains and demonstrates:

  • Front and back hand defending; as well as front and back foot defending.
  • Defensive roles in small-sided situations.
  • How to make offensive play predictable and how to recognize when to jump in during vulnerable situations to create a counterattack.

Ball Movement Through the Midfield

Through a series of two possession-focused drills and progressions, you'll learn to teach your midfielders to disguise their passes to facilitate ball movement. Yost shows how to work on ball movement in a small area and how to apply the same principles on a larger scale within the 5-3-2.

Finish the Counterattack

Coach Yost teaches a finishing drill that will train your players how to be successful when provided attack opportunities within the 5-3-2. He'll help you understand how to shift the formation to support the attack and what the roles and positioning requirements are to finish the ball consistently.

The 5-3-2, when implemented as taught by Coach Yost, can tighten up your defense and be an effective counterattack formation. This session teaches and demonstrates the player/position roles and responsibilities that will help your 5-3-2 dominate the competition!

118 minutes. 2018.

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