Hurry Up No Huddle Defense: Dynamic Third Down Packages

Hurry Up No Huddle Defense: Dynamic Third Down Packages
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Implement the third down packages present in David Joyce's hurry up no huddle defense!

  • Learn how to work third down packages without changing personnel on the field
  • Includes 4-, 5- and 6-man pressures for any offense
  • Discover a defensive call that puts a spy on an athletic quarterback as well as a safety covering the crossing route on critical plays

with David Joyce,
Mountain Home (AR) High School Head Coach

Coach David Joyce has developed a reputation for quickly turning around struggling programs, allowing them to compete for conference championships while becoming State Tournament qualifiers. He has turned a team that was 0-10 in 2008 into a 9-2 playoff team in 2011, and took another school from 2-8 in his first year to 8-3 overall and a conference championship. In just his third season at Mountain Home, Coach Joyce's team earned a playoff berth for the first time in 8 years and finished with a winning conference record for the first time in over 10 years.

Success on third down is one of the most important statistics for a defensive football team.

David Joyce diagrams the third down packages that he utilizes with his team. Tempo offenses create problems for calling crucial third down defenses because of the no-huddle approach. Using a unique number system, Coach Joyce is able to communicate the defensive call at lightning speed, allowing the defense to match the tempo of any offensive system.

Joyce identifies several factors which must be considered when creating a third down plan. Field position, down and distance, and opponent personnel are all discussed, as well as how he determines when to use the various personnel packages that he discusses in the presentation. Coach Joyce also covers key elements in making in-game adjustments in response to problems and unexpected issues.

HUNH Third Down Packages

Coach Joyce breaks the third down into three categories - long, medium and short - as he uses a PowerPoint and white board to illustrate the defense.

  • Bravo - Keep your base defense on the field to match any offense that uses tempo.
  • Delta - Used when the offense subs out to a spread set.
  • Alpha - A short yardage package that brings in bigger bodies to stuff the run.

Each package is broken down with pressures and coverages and is presented with game film in order to see the packages in play.

Bravo Package

The Bravo package is a base personnel package that can be utilized in all situations, and especially when the situation and personnel of the opposing team make it difficult to get into a sub package defense. Joyce diagrams a variety of calls that he runs from his base personnel package.

A variety of front stunts that don't involve a blitzing player, as well as five man rush zone blitz schemes, and six man blitz schemes are diagrammed. Joyce also goes over the double A gap blitz package that he uses, and details the versions of the blitz that his team can run to keep the offense confused.

The Delta and Alpha Packages

The Delta package is a sub package that features a 3-4 alignment and smaller, faster players that are ideal for defending against obvious passing situations. Coach Joyce diagrams four-, five-, and six-man pressure schemes from this package. He also discusses his Red coverage, which is a pattern matching quarters coverage that he utilizes with his four-man pressures. The Cross coverage is diagrammed as well, which is a man free Cover 1 package that can be used to compliment Red coverage.

Finally, Joyce describes his Alpha package which is another sub package that is used for short yardage and goal line situations. It places your biggest players in the A gaps. As an added bonus, Joyce reviews game footage of the various concepts that he has diagrammed throughout the presentation.

If you want to get the other team's offense off the field, this video will give you plenty of effective ideas for your defense.

71 minutes. 2017.

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