Hurry Up No-Huddle Defense 4-Pack

Hurry Up No-Huddle Defense 4-Pack
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Product Description

  • Learn to neutralize the tempo of the hurry up no-huddle offense and force your opponent to make adjustments after the snap
  • Learn how to adjust your run fit to a two back offense and defend against the read option
  • Learn how to create leverage on the offense with the use of "dividers," which are landmarks on the field for aligning properly depending on receiver splits
  • Learn how to work third down packages without changing personnel on the field

with David Joyce,
Mountain Home (AR) High School Head Coach

Coach David Joyce has developed a reputation for quickly turning around struggling programs, allowing them to compete for conference championships while becoming State Tournament qualifiers. He has turned a team that was 0-10 in 2008 into a 9-2 playoff team in 2011, and took another school from 2-8 in his first year to 8-3 overall and a conference championship. In just his third season at Mountain Home, Coach Joyce's team earned a playoff berth for the first time in 8 years and finished with a winning conference record for the first time in over 10 years.

This video is the ultimate guide to the no-huddle defensive philosophy!

David Joyce provides a defensive scheme that he's utilized to revitalize multiple high school programs. This is a defensive scheme that allows you to keep up with no-huddle offenses. This system has the potential to change an average defense with average speed into one that plays fast, cuts the offensive playbook in half, forces the opposing offense to adjust after the snap, and competes for championships!

Coach Joyce gives you detailed white board schematics and game film to demonstrate Hurry Up No-Huddle (HUNH) defensive positioning, responsibilities, and adjustments necessary to shut down the opposing offense. Most importantly, Joyce thoroughly explains and demonstrates the ease with which this defense can be learned by your team.

The Blueprint for the HUNH Defense

This defense is a no-huddle style defense that Joyce created through analyzing his no-huddle offense and adapting it to the way he can call and adjust his defense. This system is an even front defense that doesn't flip to strength, allows the defense to slide adjust, and allows players to become one-gap defensive players. The main fronts and scheme focus on a 4-3 under and 4-3 over scheme.

Learn the alignments, communication, and defensive adjustments that will eliminate your opponent's ability to use tempo to make big plays. Joyce gives you the blueprint for installing a HUNH defense that will:

  • Play as fast or faster than the offense
  • Help your team play a fast one-gap style that eliminates doubt of assignments
  • Protect the middle of the field
  • Force adjustments after the snap
  • Neutralize tempo
  • Position your best player to always been in position for making plays

Joyce takes you through offensive formations and how this defense adjusts to motion. It shows how the defense can morph into multiple looks, helping you break down how you can quickly adapt to no-huddle offenses on the fly. He also shares how to set up your defensive call sheet and the importance of having no more than nine calls with a few adjustments.

Player Responsibilities in the HUNH Defense

Coach Joyce helps you determine defensive positioning by providing detailed player traits and characteristics necessary for success. For example, the strong safety or "shark" position should be your best defensive hybrid player on the team who is the only player who adjusts to the offensive alignment. Additionally, the Nose (the 1 Technique) must be quick with speed more important than size, demand a double team, and try to cause one bad snap per game.

Building the HUNH Defense in Practice

You'll see how a typical practice runs and how to use a sample practice plan to bring home the point. He goes through the every day drills that are utilized in practice at each position. From there, you'll see the action in video as Joyce shows several video clips that detail how the defense can prepare for any situation.

Coach Joyce provides a defensive scheme that he's utilized to revitalize multiple high school programs. This is a defensive scheme that allows you to keep up with no-huddle offenses and also allows you to stay in games with quicker and faster opponent

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