Hurricane Gun Option Offense: Power Triple & Power Triple Wrap

Hurricane Gun Option Offense: Power Triple & Power Triple Wrap
Hurricane Gun Option Offense: Power Triple & Power Triple Wrap
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Product Description

Learn how to run the triple option with a power gap blocking scheme!

  • Learn different sets and schemes to keep the defense off balance to help make the play successful
  • Use a third level RPO to put the secondary in conflict and create explosive plays for the offense
  • Includes game footage of the triple, triple wrap, and play action pass to show you what Coach Orbin looks for in the defense and what areas he wants to attack

with Will Orbin,
Barton College Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach;
former Leesville Road High School (NC) Offensive Coordinator;
former Christopher Newport University Assistant Coach / Offensive Line;
former Louisburg College Offensive Coordinator

Coach Orbin has a long history of producing explosive offenses. In his first two seasons as offensive coordinator, Louisburg has finished at the top of the NJCAA in rushing. In 2015, the squad finished first in the nation with 336 yards per game and followed that up with a third best in the nation 279 yards per game. The past two years, the offense has averaged over 45 points per game, finishing in the top 10 nationally both seasons. Coach Orbin has over 20 years of coaching experience, including tenure in Division I FCS college football, junior college football and high school programs.

The spread offense has evolved, and so have spread defenses, which attack more and disguise coverages pre-snap, making it challenging for a quarterback executing in the typical spread. Coach Will Orbin shows you how to attack any defensive structure and implement the triple option that is easy to run, along with the gap blocking scheme that will take care of any blitz the defense can conjure up.

This triple option with a power gap blocking scheme uses balanced or unbalanced formations so you can use either load or arc blocking schemes at the second level. The simplicity in the blocking scheme allows you to run multiple running plays with the same rules for the offensive line. Coach Orbin uses a teaching progression in this video that allows the viewer to clearly understand the offense:

  • He diagrams the play, going over a multitude of formations they use
  • Details the blocking rules with player-by-player assignments
  • Shows practice video of the extensive drill work that displays the step-by-step process that Coach Orbin uses to develop a dominant offense.
  • Closes with game video showing live shots of each play

The Power Triple allows the offense to create the illusion that the power play is coming, but with traditional veer option reads the quarterback has the ability to hand-off or get to the perimeter with the option. The Triple Wrap is a weak side play with the same read and blocking as the Power Triple.

Coach Orbin next shows you how to hit vertical plays with the RPO by reading a third level defender. You will see four explosive plays that complement the offense and give you the ability to score anywhere on the field.

All coaches running the option (or wanting to learn more about it so you can defend it) will benefit from watching this video by Coach Orbin!

97 minutes. 2017.

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