Hurricane Gun Option Offense: Installing the Power & Counter Blocking Schemes in the Spread Offense

Hurricane Gun Option Offense: Installing the Power & Counter Blocking Schemes in the Spread Offense
Hurricane Gun Option Offense: Installing the Power & Counter Blocking Schemes in the Spread Offense
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All the information you need to install the Power and Counter blocking schemes in a spread option offense!

  • Train your linemen to block any defensive front to allow you to use a comprehensive blocking concept
  • Learn to use the "count system" in the spread option run game, clarify blocking rules and eliminate missed assignments
  • Adjust the various blocks in the Power and Counter schemes based on defensive reactions

with Will Orbin,
Barton College Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach;
former Leesville Road High School (NC) Offensive Coordinator;
former Christopher Newport University Assistant Coach / Offensive Line;
former Louisburg College Offensive Coordinator

Coach Orbin has a long history of producing explosive offenses. In his first two seasons as offensive coordinator, Louisburg has finished at the top of the NJCAA in rushing. In 2015, the squad finished first in the nation with 336 yards per game and followed that up with a third best in the nation 279 yards per game. The past two years, the offense has averaged over 45 points per game, finishing in the top 10 nationally both seasons. Coach Orbin has over 20 years of coaching experience, including tenure in Division I FCS college football, junior college football and high school programs.

Multiple attack defenses have evolved because of the spread offense. Blocking multiple looks and pressure defenses is a challenge. With gap scheme blocking, the advantage goes back to the offense because of the simplicity of the rules for the linemen and the ability to block any defensive look.

Coach Orbin extensively covers gap blocking schemes and techniques for each position using the two back shotgun formation. He uses a teaching progression in this video that allows you to clearly understand the offense:

  • He diagrams the play, going over a multitude of formations they use
  • Details the blocking rules with player-by-player assignments
  • Shows practice video of the extensive drill work that displays the step-by-step process that Coach Orbin uses to develop a dominant offense
  • Closes with game video showing live shots of each play

Power and Counter Blocking Schemes

Drill all five offensive line positions on how to execute the Power and Counter blocking schemes versus various defensive fronts, blitzes and stunts. Orbin describes the small but critical details of offensive technique that allow your players to execute more consistently and aggressively. Some of the techniques outlined by Coach Orbin include:

  • The Guard & Tackle combo block
  • The Center & Guard combo block
  • The Center's back block
  • The H-Back's kickout block
  • The backside Guard's skip pull
  • The backside Tackle's "seal & wheel" block
  • The backside Guard's kickout block on Counter
  • The H-Back's open pull on Counter

Power With Built-in Read

Louisburg College uses the power blocking scheme and a three and two back shotgun set to run a unique power play that has a read option in which the quarterback will read the force defender or outside linebacker for dive or pull. This concept puts tremendous pressure in stopping the power run without having numbers in the box to do so.

Counter With Built in Read

The Counter play complements the Power play. The Counter play uses the same blocking concept and attacks the weak side with the quarterback executing the same read as on the Power play. It provides an answer for teams that try to key the H-Back's pre-snap alignment.

Coach Orbin's in-depth instruction makes this video a must-have for anyone wishing to implement the two-back power run game. Give yourself an advantage against any defensive alignment your opponent might try to use to stop this devastating offense.

122 minutes. 2017.

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