Hurricane Gun Option Offense: Double Option Run Game featuring Dash, Dash Wrap, Jet & Jet Wrap

Hurricane Gun Option Offense: Double Option Run Game featuring Dash, Dash Wrap, Jet & Jet Wrap
Hurricane Gun Option Offense: Double Option Run Game featuring Dash, Dash Wrap, Jet & Jet Wrap
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Product Description

Learn a unique way to run the Zone Read and Power Read blocked with gap schemes that will give your offense an advantage!

  • Learn 10 formations from which you can run plays from balanced and unbalanced formations to gain a numerical advantage and force defensive adjustments
  • Learn a simple count system that helps you identify the read player versus even, odd or stack defenses
  • Negate size advantages of the defensive line through the use of gap scheme blocking techniques

with Will Orbin,
Barton College Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach;
former Leesville Road High School (NC) Offensive Coordinator;
former Christopher Newport University Assistant Coach / Offensive Line;
former Louisburg College Offensive Coordinator

Coach Orbin has a long history of producing explosive offenses. In his first two seasons as offensive coordinator, Louisburg has finished at the top of the NJCAA in rushing. In 2015, the squad finished first in the nation with 336 yards per game and followed that up with a third best in the nation 279 yards per game. The past two years, the offense has averaged over 45 points per game, finishing in the top 10 nationally both seasons. Coach Orbin has over 20 years of coaching experience, including tenure in Division I FCS college football, junior college football and high school programs.

Being physical in the spread offense is a problem for several who run it. With this series, your offense will develop a physical demeanor and be able to run the football on even the most elaborate defensive scheme.

Coach Orbin has developed a base plan that can be incorporated at all levels of football. He runs a simple, yet highly effective option game using balanced and unbalanced formations. Applying rule-based gap schemes to his plays allows the offensive line to be physical and play fast every play, regardless of defensive alignment. It also allows your team to execute and play efficiently.

Coach Orbin begins by giving an overview of the run game concepts that he utilizes at Louisburg College. He uses a teaching progression in this video that allows you to clearly understand the offense:

  • He diagrams the play, going over a multitude of formations they use
  • He details the blocking rules with player-by-player assignments
  • He shows practice video of the extensive drill work that displays the step-by-step process that Coach Orbin uses to develop a dominant offense
  • He closes with game video showing live shots of each play

Dash and Dash Wrap

The "Dash" and "Dash Wrap" play is Coach Orbin's version of zone read, but with a gap blocking scheme rather than a zone blocking scheme. Key coaching points for the tailback and H back are given, as well as the quarterback mechanics and read progression on the play.

Jet and Jet Wrap

The "Jet" and "Jet Wrap" play is his version of the power read. Coach Orbin explains the proper footwork and mechanics for the quarterback, running back, and H back, as well as the technique of the wide receivers on a stalk block. Coach Orbin explains the key difference in the path of the H back on this play using game footage as examples. Coach Orbin also explains the read progression of the quarterback, as well as key coaching points for the offensive line.

J Sail

You'll learn a play action pass play that takes full advantage of the dash and wrap plays. The option plays force the defense to add players to the box to help stop the run. Once the defense commits extra defenders to the run game, the sail pass combination is available.

Coach Orbin diagrams the formation that he likes to call 'the play from' and the advantages of doing so. He explains the routes for the receivers, the protection used, and the quarterback's mechanics and read progression on the play. The J Sail play is a must-have play for any team that runs this system as it puts tremendous stress on a defense that is focused on stopping the run.

If you want to use a unique option offense to pick apart defenses, Coach Orbin's instruction in this video is a worthy addition to your coaching knowledge!

115 minutes. 2017.

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