How to Run a Simplified Set Play Offense

How to Run a Simplified Set Play Offense
How to Run a Simplified Set Play Offense
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Product Description

  • Learn how to run one play from multiple sets
  • Discover innovative ways to motivate your players
  • Enhance your overall knowledge of scoring points
with Steve Pikiell, Stony Brook Head Coach

Steve Pikiell shares a unique coaching strategy built around the use of consistent "core" concepts.

He begins with an on-court, step-by-step demonstration of his 2-2-1 defense, which features three simple components—no middle, no lay-ups, good defense. Teaching and practicing these key concepts eliminates game-day guesswork and over-thinking.

Coach Pikiell moves quickly to his out-of-bounds series with simple rules like getting the ball in safely and scoring a pre-determined number of points. By implementing these limited, easy-to-follow strategies, his teams have dramatically reduced the number of points given away on turnovers. He also demonstrates several out-of-bounds plays from his "winner's series."

Switching his attention to the secondary offense, Pikiell emphasizes the importance of key ideas like spacing, ball reversal, post touches and shot selection. He also gives a specialty zone offense that puts players in constant motion and keeps the knockout player just one pass from the ball.

This high-energy, fast-paced DVD is a must-have for any coach who wants to augment his favorite plays with easy, yet proven strategies.

46 minutes. 2011.

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