How to Run a Set Play Offense

How to Run a Set Play Offense
How to Run a Set Play Offense
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with Greg McDermott,
Creighton University Head Coach;
3x Missouri Valley Conference Tournament Champions;
former Iowa State University Head Coach

Coach McDermott lists several benefits to set plays versus running motion. First, set play offense represents a "different" system that can make your team more difficult to play. It also takes advantage of individual player skills and talents. By running set plays, specific opportunities become available in specific spots on the floor. Thirdly, set plays allow you to position players where they are most likely to succeed. Next, set plays are a crucial part of offensive game preparation. Adjustments during the game can be easily made with this system. A fifth benefit is that every set play has a counter and multiple looks. A sixth benefit is opponents must prepare for every set play and screening situation, which is almost impossible. McDermott uses players to demonstrate his first set play and eight variations of it. These counters include comeback, fake, off the double, slip, pinch screen, lob and big's 3-pointer. Green Bay is a set out of a two-guard front with several great options for your best players. These options are lob, screener, multi-option, post up and ball screen. The final segment concerns plays against zone defenses. Plays include last shot, outside decoy, triple option and baseline bounce. This video provides you a look into a program that thrives on set plays and counters. Add this system to your game for a successful change in your program!

89 MInutes. 2007.

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