How to Judge Diving: Guidelines for Officials and Coaches

How to Judge Diving: Guidelines for Officials and Coaches
How to Judge Diving: Guidelines for Officials and Coaches
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Product Description

Learn how to become a better coach and improve your divers' scores by recognizing the formula behind a great dive
  • Discover the diving scoring scale and how to apply it when judging an event
  • Learn how enforcing the rules can become a teaching opportunity for you and your divers
  • See sample dives and get rationale for how they might be scored and how a coach can help improve the athlete's score
with Jason Baumann,
Edina High School (MN) Diving Coach; Owner and Head Coach of North Star Diving Club;
FINA certified judge; former USA Diving Director of Coaches Education; 2001 Mountain West Conference Men's Diving Coach of the Year; Nebraska State High School Champion and NCAA All-American as an athlete.

FINA certified judge, Jason Baumann, delivers a comprehensive presentation on officiating diving, including the scoring scale and areas of consideration when awarding points. At the end of the video, Baumann judges live dives to give you a sense of how and why he'd score dives with specific criteria.

Officiating Overview

Coach Baumann begins with a presentation on the basics of officiating. He teaches you the scoring scale and provides his definition of properly judging competitions: to appropriately and objectively as possible reward divers for the elements and totality of the dive they perform. Coach Baumann believes that any score you give is the correct score, as long as you have a rationale for explaining your score.

From the coaching perspective, Coach Baumann uses his judging knowledge to show you how to improve the dives of your athletes. Knowing the areas for consideration in awarding points (starting position, approach, takeoff, flight and entry) can help you critique your divers' skills in each critical area. You'll learn why working on entries and takeoffs extensively can give your divers the best opportunity to score well.

Numbers Explanation and Example Dives

It's important to consider the talent level of each of your athletes when deciding which dives to execute during a competition. Coach Baumann discusses how degree of difficulty and execution can influence the final score, and how playing it safe or being more risky on a dive can put your athletes in the position to succeed.

Once you've learned what goes into scoring a dive, Coach Baumann takes you to the pool to run through sample dives. After each dive is completed, they're replayed in slow motion and scored by Coach Baumann. Once he's awarded a score, he explains his rationale from a judge's perspective and also instructs the athlete on what they could do better to improve the score of their dive.

By using the officiating techniques presented by Coach Baumann in this video, you'll be able to feel confident as a judge at diving competitions. Plus, if you're a coach, your team will benefit because you'll know what the judges are looking for in certain dives. Get everything you need to know about officiating diving today!

53 minutes. 2016.

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