How To Develop Consistency in Your Setter

How To Develop Consistency in Your Setter
How To Develop Consistency in Your Setter
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  • Develop the "total" setter
  • See fast pace drills to reinforce proper positioning
  • Drills to build team communication and trust
with Cathy Noth,
1998 Olympian;
former University of Nebraska Assistant Coach (1995 National Champs)

In this on-court presentation at the AVCA Convention, Cathy Noth shares a wealth of information that will assist you in developing a "complete" setter. Coach Noth begins with a positional skill set for the setter that includes proper hand positioning, body posture and court positioning. Noth moves into max jump drills that force the setter into varying court positions to reinforce proper positioning. Noth's footwork drills, transition drills and multiple ball contact drills are easy to understand and easy to implement. Noth is a firm believer in the importance of core body strength for successful setting and shares how she builds core training into a practice by showing a wide variety of core training exercises. Noth offers her invaluable coaching expertise on such topics as what to do when a drill breaks down, how to build player accountability in all areas of instruction and how to develop team communication and trust - all critical elements of developing consistency in your setter. A fantastic setting DVD.

64 minutes 2009.

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