How to Design a Defensive System

How to Design a Defensive System
How to Design a Defensive System
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  • Learn how to design defensive principles tailored for your team and your opponents
  • Learn how to position your best defensive players
  • Learn how to train defenders to key on the attacker's shoulder to identify where he/she will likely hit
  • Discover different blocking schemes to use based on your opponent's strength and tendencies
with Chris McGown, Brigham Young University Head Men's Volleyball Coach;
2013 NCAA runners-up; 2013 AVCA Coach of the Year; 2013 MPSF Coach of the Year

Do you have a logical-minded approach to your defensive system? If not, join Chris McGown, Head Men's Volleyball Coach at BYU, as he explains how to maximize your chances for success with a strategically designed defensive system.

Coach McGown explains that good principles are key to a good defensive system. He shares the most important principles to a great defense and then gives a detailed explanation of each one. His principles include:

  • Put the best defensive players where the most balls are hit
  • Use a simple system instead of a complex one
  • Read the set, as it dictates the location and quality of the attack

Using six athletes, he shows how to position players against different types of attacks across the net, and explains the rationale behind each decision. No matter what kind of offense your opponent uses Coach McGown explains how to take away their best options and how to position your players to do so. From blocking to base defense and dig defense, your players will learn why they should be where they are told to be.

Most importantly, Coach McGown goes into great detail about reading to defend. A key strategic component to any defensive system is a purposeful blocking system such as a "bunch read" or a "spread read." He explains what to look for and how that information dictates how and where to move defensively. The best way to defend using these systems is to evaluate the following for every attack:

  • The set
  • The hitter's approach
  • The hitter's tendencies
  • The hitter's shoulder
  • The block

Listen in as Coach McGown answers questions that coaches and players struggle to answer on their own. McGown explains the "myth busters" reasoning behind his system's belief that the block does not dictate the opponent's attack. He also discusses the differences between an opponent's one-off, situational trends and their intentional strategic tendencies, as well as when to adjust to each. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to get helpful answers to all the defensive systems situations you've been struggling to master!

This video is a great learning tool for coaches of all levels and perfect for high school and club players to view as well. Bring Coach McGown's evidence-based methods for designing a defensive system into your gym and watch as your team achieves a whole new level of defensive success.

Produced at the 2013 AVCA Annual Convention in Seattle, WA.

56 minutes. 2014.

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