How to Defend Leg and Crab Rides

How to Defend Leg and Crab Rides
How to Defend Leg and Crab Rides
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  • Learn to defend the crab ride
  • Learn to hold good position vs any leg riders
  • Gain more confidence against leg riders
with Jeremy Spates, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Head Coach;
former Cornell University Assistant Wrestling Coach

Jeremy Spates teaches you two effective techniques to stop a good leg rider.

Coach Spates begins with four techniques to stop the leg from getting in off the referee's start. Spates preaches good position on all four techniques to close any gap that a leg can get through.

If the opponent happens to beat your good position and throw a leg in, Spates shows the hip smash technique to get the leg out. You will see how to foot fight out, as well as the keys to staying out of trouble on the mat.

In addition, Spates delivers counters to three situations your opponent can try after you hit a hip smash. See how to score a reversal against:

  • Vs. Power half
  • When beat by the power half
  • Vs Figure 4

When hitting most of Spates' defensive techniques, you will end up in a crab position. In order to finish the technique properly, Spates demonstrates three ways to escape from the crab ride, through ankle control, sinking your hips, or with a back arch - which can result in a defensive fall for you.

In addition, you will see how to incorporate some of the foot fighting techniques to counter a double-leg in situation.

Spates closes with two drills that focus on hand control, positioning and getting you comfortable in these positions.

Spates does an excellent job explaining the "whys" and "hows" of these techniques so that you can easily incorporate them into your defensive repertoire.

36 minutes. 2010.

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