How to Create a Strong Team Defense

How to Create a Strong Team Defense
How to Create a Strong Team Defense
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  • Create a strong team defense with your players through solid communication
  • Learn defensive responsibilities for all of your players
  • Get a full catalog of drills to build up your players into a solid defensive team
with Lars Tiffany,
University of Virginia Head Coach;
2019 NCAA Champions;
former Brown University Head Men's Lacrosse Coach; 2016 NCAA DI Final Four;
3x Ivy League Champions; 2015 Ivy League Coach of the Year;
Iroquois Nationals Assistant Coach; 2018 Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) Men's World Championship (Bronze medal)

Coach Tiffany has a great understanding of what it takes to be great on defense - he was a 2-time team captain and starter on defense for three years under coaching legend Dom Starsia at Brown. Good communication between the six defensemen and the goalie are required to create strong team defense. The goalie's only goal is to watch the ball and communicate to the on ball defender. The off ball defenders determine the slides. The 'hot player' designates himself as 'hot' and asks his teammates to fill and second slide. Other verbal calls dictate the slide patterns: crease/crease, crease/adjacent, adjacent/adjacent, and cross crease. Slide scheme development starts with the 1 v 1 decision-making drill and progresses to a full catalog of drills that include 2 v 1, 2 v 2 with an outlet, etc. On the field, Tiffany begins with on ball play. Decision-making is the key part of team scheme development. The first slide, second slide, third slide and recovery are all demonstrated in drills on the field. The video finishes with game clips of 6 v 6 defense, demonstrating a variety of slide packages.

103 minutes. 2008.

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