How to Create a Great Shooter and Individual Player

How to Create a Great Shooter and Individual Player
How to Create a Great Shooter and Individual Player
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Product Description

  • Over 40 drills to improve your shooting
  • Scoop every ball off the whistle
  • Learn the play that won the 2003 National Championship in overtime
  • Added bonus: set plays to build your offense
with Jim Berkman, Salisbury University Head Coach; 2016 DIII National Champions;
All-time winningest coach in men's lacrosse history (over 450 wins);
11x National Championship Coach (D-III); including five championships in six years (2003-08);
3x Division III National Coach of the Year (2012, 1991, 2008);
distinguished member of the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame (2013); has coached 9 national players of the year

Jim Berkman, the all-time winningest coach in NCAA men's lacrosse history, shows you how to fine-tune your shooting, stickwork and face-off skills, to improve your offensive output. He details how to set-up each drill so that you can get hundreds of reps in a short amount of time to maximize your practice period.

Coach Berkman divides this instructional lacrosse DVD into three parts: Shooting, face-offs and offensive plays. Each section is loaded with tips and strategies to improve your team's offensive skills.

The shooting section features over 40 drills to improve your shooting mechanics. These drills work on finishing inside; shooting in a tight situation; hands, head and stick fakes; shooting on the run and more. Berkman also includes a wall drills series that can be done individually to sharpen your players' stickwork and "make the stick an extension of their arm."

In the face-off section, Berkman delivers drills to win the whistle every time. These reaction drills will strengthen your players' center of gravity, coordination, and force them to keep their head down and eyes on the ball - all of which will allow them to get a good scoop for possession. A wing player series is included to help strengthen box out skills.

In addition, Coach Berkman opens his playbook and shares 14 plays (including the play used to win the 2003 National Championship in overtime) that you can incorporate into your offense. Plays include quick hitters, isos, two-man pick game, pick the picker and more.

Improve your offensive performance this year with these championship drills and plays.

45 minutes. 2010.

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