How to Build the Ultimate High School Receiver

How to Build the Ultimate High School Receiver
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Get drills that will help turn your wide receivers into all-around threats!

  • Help receivers learn to manipulate their body and improve hand-eye coordination to catch more balls all over the field
  • Teach players footwork and how to run routes properly with Coach Hoenk's three phases of route running
  • Work on perimeter blocking skills to make your team more effective at screens and outside runs

with Blair Hoenk,
Zeeland East High School (TX) Pass Game Coordinator;
2017 1st Round Playoff Appearance (9-1 record in 2017)

Many position coaches are in need of updating or even improving their drills and coaching points to develop players. Teaching receivers to catch the ball, use proper route running technique and block in the screen and run game can be a challenging task. In this video, Zeeland East High School wide receivers coach Blair Hoenk shares the 29 drills he uses to help build 'the ultimate high school receiver!'

Coach Hoenk's drills aren't scheme-specific and can be used in any offensive system. He covers how to catch the football, footwork, how to teach players to run routes, and finally, how to get players to perimeter block.

Catching the Football

You will see seven in-season and off-season drills that help teach players how to catch the football at the high school level. Coach Hoenk shows you how to use three tennis ball drills to improve hand-eye coordination, as well as how to get players to improve their ability to catch the ball over their shoulder.

Also shown are techniques for receivers to become a "hands catcher" instead of letting the ball hit their body. Hoenk covers what he wants players to do in order to become more natural at receiving the ball and avoiding having their hands come out too early.

Footwork Drills

Coach Hoenk gives you seven footwork drills for the developing wide receiver. You will see:

  • How to get arms and feet moving at the same speed.
  • How to teach proper body position so you can get players at the right pad level.
  • How to get players to drive their knee to their chest on 135 degree cuts.
  • How to teach 45, 90 and 135 degree cuts.

Route Running

Nine drills to teach route running are included. Hoenk gives you his three phases of route running, which include the beginning, mid-route, and top of the route. His Hoop Drill is a great exercise to use with receivers that need help getting off better against press coverage. Additionally, you'll learn how to teach your players to run routes against a zone and the importance of the 'chicken wing' technique so your players don't called for a push off.

Perimeter Blocking

Six drills are included that will help your high school wide receivers embrace perimeter blocking. You'll see:

  • How to teach players to be strong with their outside arm.
  • How to teach players to use smaller steps when going to engage an opposing player.
  • How to use basketball elements to teach blocking techniques.
  • How to teach players to block so the ball carrier has two path options.

This video is simple and can be a tremendous benefit to any wide receivers coach, regardless of offensive system. Coach Hoenk provides great drills that your players will enjoy as they perfect their craft.

62 minutes. 2018.

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