How to Build a Championship Culture

How to Build a Championship Culture
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Establish a "Plan to Win" for your football program!

  • Understand the importance of developing a mission statement and program goals
  • Create an organizational alignment where all personnel work together toward a common goal, rather than against each other
  • Learn how to create opportunities for leadership and competition within your program

with Chris Ash,
Rutgers University Head Coach;
former Ohio State University Co-Defensive Coordinator/Safeties Coach (2014 National Champions;
first-ever College Football Playoff Champions);
former University of Wisconsin Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Backs Coach (2010 Big Ten Co-champions)

Many young coaches believe the scheme is the most important aspect of building a championship team and do not understand the importance of handling people within the program. In this video, Coach Chris Ash discusses his complete outline for building and running a championship football culture.

A Philosophy in Action

Coach Ash lays the groundwork for establishing a championship culture through constant communication, education and motivation of everyone involved in the program. He believes in a "relentless strain" to win games, not schemes. He focuses on competitive excellence as well as the process, not the goal.

Coach Ash begins by addressing his well-thought out mission statement, which underlies the very essence of coaching with a purpose. From there, you will learn:

  • How to establish program goals
  • How to emphasize and visualize the key components in a plan to consistently win games
  • The 11 steps required to build a championship culture

How to Build It

The core of this video is in the 11 key elements Coach Ash has planned and devised to build a championship-caliber program at Rutgers. Within this video, Coach Ash goes into detail how to carry out these key elements, including:

  • Finding and recruiting the right people to include in your organization
  • Developing player leadership through a "Leadership Council"
  • How to create dynamic, competitive, and effective practice sessions

You'll also find practice footage of the Rutgers football team applying many of these key elements as they look to improve their program and compete at a high level of football.

Coach Ash lays out everything you need to know about changing the culture of your program. You will learn how to foster your players' competitive nature, how to prepare young people for success after football, and how to use a system of punishments and rewards that clearly communicates to the players the benefits of a championship program.

44 minutes. 2017.

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