Hot Corners: 1st and 3rd Defense

Hot Corners: 1st and 3rd Defense
Hot Corners: 1st and 3rd Defense
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  • 10+ key fundamentals and drills to effectively play at first and third base
  • Eliminate bad throws from the corners by teaching effective footwork
  • Develop a fast glove-to-hand transition so you can turn double plays from either corner of the field
  • Train your first baseman to catch any kind of bad throw
With Kyla Holas, University of Houston Head Coach;
holds the most wins in Conference USA history;2x Conference USA Coach of the Year; 4x Conference USA champions; 3x All American at Louisiana-Lafayette

Delve into the finer points of infield play at 1st and 3rd base with 2x Conference USA Coach of the Year Kyla Holas. Learn the proper ready position, three-step approach, footwork and throwing technique for "the hot corners."

Footwork is the start of everything. Corner infielders are in the hot zone, so they need to be quick and efficient. Poor footwork leads to bad throws. Holas explains and demonstrates the proper footwork for fielding, receiving throws, tagging the base, and positioning for pick offs.

Coach Holas allows time every day for her corner infielders to perform basework (position specific skills). In this segment, she teaches and demonstrates fielding bunts, pop ups in foul territory, handling bad throws, flips, and double plays.

Teach your corners to field backhands and forehands using a proper step-over technique, which will increase their range and allow them to get to more balls.

Coach Holas also introduces a fielding progression her corners infielders use. Her progression focuses on a low approach to the ball and first-step quickness. As a part of fielding skills, Holas has her corner infielders practice range, throws on the run, and balls hit between corner and middle infielders.

Throughout the DVD, Holas offers coaching points for many of the skills discussed, calling your attention to important details or commonly made mistakes. All in all, this DVD will be a valuable resource for coaches at all levels.

Using Kyla Holas' training methods will help your team get outs from the hot corners!

55 minutes. 2013.

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