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Product Description

  • Learn how to develop individual hockey skills off the ice by materials available in your own home
  • Learn a set of driveway drills designed to improve athleticism, hand/eye coordination and shooting technique
  • Get 10 essential hockey strength training exercises you can do on your own
  • Learn how to use synthetic ice to enhance your skill levels
  • Learn how to improve cardio conditioning and speed training
with Andrew Trimble, Founder Scoring Concepts;
Kingswood Regional (NH) High School Head Coach; a coach with the New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs program; 2013 NHIAA DII Coach of the Year

In this fun-filled, easy-to-follow template, Andrew Trimble shares five off-ice activities that can be added to any existing program or workout.

This DVD is for players of all ages, skill levels and abilities who want to maximize their training time. Demonstrated by a high school player and youth-level player, the drills shared here can be done in a backyard, a nearby field, alone, or in a group setting. A variety of strategies are used to keep players interested in reaching their fitness level goals. Segments include:

  • Driveway Drills - Improve your stickhandling, eye/hand coordination, shot power and accuracy with drills that can be done on your driveway or other flat surfaces using tools from your basement or garage. You'll learn how to improve soft hand techniques using balls of different sizes and weights. The use of balls of different sizes and weights overloads the players` central nervous system creating and improving soft hand techniques.
  • Cardio Conditioning - These drills will greatly improve balance, coordination, power, speed and core stabilization while maximizing cardiovascular conditioning. The focus is on hockey specific movements improving power, speed, strength and athleticism through plyometric set training.
  • Strength Training - Coach Trimble demonstrates 10 hockey-specific, strength training exercises that focus on developing leg strength, core stability and overall total body strength. Drills in this segment use the athlete's body weight or simple at-home materials to build strength.
  • Synthetic Ice Drills - Understand the power and versatility of training with this new technology that that can be easily installed in garages, rec rooms, backyards and basements. More than 20 drills are offered that will enhance power skating skills, quick starts and acceleration; puck handling skills, shooting and passing skills; strength and endurance.
  • Video Analysis - All players love to see their skills in action. Find out how your smart phone, camera, or video device can be used to correct some of the weaknesses in your player's game. Taking a simple approach, this segment shows you what to look for and how to correct it with positive feedback.

This video proves that dry-land training can be a lot of fun and that you don't need high-tech equipment or large facilities to reach your fitness goals!

61 minutes. 2014.

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