Holding Runners and Fielding the Position

Holding Runners and Fielding the Position
Holding Runners and Fielding the Position
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  • Improve your Baseball coaching!
  • Learn from Chris Sinacori!
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with Chris Sinacori,
former Peoria Mariners Pitching Coach (Seattle Mariners Rookie League affiliate);
former Wake Forest University Pitching Coach;
former Arizona State University Pitching Coach

Learn how to shut down the running game, keep your opponents out of scoring position, and improve your defense by improving your pitchers' fielding. With on-field demonstration, Sinacori, a former pitching coach in the Phillies organization for four years, shares his expertise on how to become a complete pitcher by stressing the importance of often overlooked facets of pitching and defense. He details a 4-step process to holding baserunners on and keeping them guessing, and to set up your defense to save runs. Sinacori also covers the essential principles of pick-offs for both right and left-handed pitchers; he then goes through pick-off plays and moves for each base including the spin move, daylight play, and the inside move. Next, Sinacori shows you how to develop your pitchers to be a vital part of your team defense through a pitcher's fielding practice routine. You will learn the proper techniques for pitchers to field bunts in the four most common bunt locations. In addition, you will learn how to get your pitchers to cover first base like its second nature to them, and also the essentials to fielding and effectively starting a double play to solidify your defense. This video will help you develop complete pitchers and shut down your opponents with great infield defense!

46 minutes. 2004.

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