Hockey Training for Kids

Hockey Training for Kids
Hockey Training for Kids
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  • Improve your Hockey coaching!
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with Zdenek Pavlis, Head of the Sports Training Methods Department of the Czech Ice Hockey Union;trains the Czech Under 19 National Team

This book deals with ice hockey as schooled in the Czech Republic offers trainers exercise aids, tested in practice, for the training of children. Besides covering how children develop and tips for building up a training session, the development of game play using individual skills and game combinations form the main emphasis of the book.

In particular, the techniques and methods of the attack and the defense actions are comprehensively covered. In addition, the method of dealing with the actions following a puck drop-in anywhere on the ice is given special attention. Complete training sessions and approximately 250 illustrations of ice hockey exercises give the trainer a good helping hand towards success in his work.

270 pages. 2006.

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