Hitting Drills for Consistent Contact

Hitting Drills for Consistent Contact
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Get drills and strategies to train your players to hit with a purpose!

  • Learn how to use the relationship between the shoulders and hands to get to the contact point in a stronger and more efficient manner
  • Learn how to create "free hands" to help hitters stay through the ball and keep it fair
  • Develop players who are self-teaching and have the freedom to have their own style to get the desired results when hitting

with Randy Ward,
Loyola Marymount University Assistant Coach;
in 2016, the Lions led the nation in doubles (106) and doubles per game (2.00)

One of the reasons that hitting is so difficult is because it's a complex, multifaceted skill. Batters must have not only a fundamentally-sound swing, but also good timing, bat control, and eye tracking skills to hit a fast-moving ball consistently.

In this video, Randy Ward introduces you to the basic hitting mechanics and provides 16 diverse drills to build your team's batting skills. Coach Ward walks you through his hitting program, which gives hitters a specific purpose for every swing. You'll see:

  • Hitting Philosophy
  • Critical Points of Emphasis, and
  • How Coaching Points Evolve Throughout the Year
  • Mechanics

    Coach Ward explains the optimal body position at several key check points during the swing. Learn how the relationship between the bat angle to shoulder, combined with the relationship between the front elbow on contact and bat path can improve a hitter's consistency and overall effectiveness. He explains how to hit pitches that are low in the zone by tilting the shoulders and not dropping the hands, which keeps the hitter in a stronger position as they approach contact.

    Timing Drills

    Hitting is all about timing, and the goal of most pitchers is to upset the hitter's timing. In one particular ‘ABC Drill' for timing, the players start singing the ABCs to themselves and stop when they make contact with the pitch. This drill helps reinforce timing and reminds batters of their internal clock.

    Bat Control and Bat Path Drills

    Learn the drills that will lead to improved bat control and an optimal bat path. A good bat path will help keep the bat in the zone longer, increasing the hitter's chance of making solid contact with the ball. Bat control will help the hitter be more consistent to contact and help them steer the ball where it needs to go.

    Create a Hitting Plan

    Discover how to break the year into segments to develop hitters who make consistent contact on the ball. Use different points of emphasis in different times of the year to ensure that players understand and can execute the hitting plan:

    • Arrival from summer break: Small group and individual work.
    • Team practice in fall: Working on a plan for the season with emphasis on speed and location of pitches.
    • Back from winter break: Understand strengths and weaknesses, challenging the player through drills that force adjustments needed to be able to succeed at the plate.
    • This video will help your hitters improve their fundamentals while teaching them to make solid contact more consistently. Coach Ward shows how giving your hitters a clearly defined purpose in every aspect of the hitting program can foster buy-in for a consistent team approach. The program is focused on empowering young hitters with the tools to self-diagnose and correct flaws on their own so they can become complete hitters!

      96 minutes. 2017

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