Hitting Drills: 'Be On Plane, Be On Time & Hit Good Pitches Hard'

Hitting Drills: 'Be On Plane, Be On Time & Hit Good Pitches Hard'
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Get more than 30 drills to develop a powerful and effective swing!

  • Increase your players' ability to hit to all fields with a series of drills designed to create a clean and direct swing path
  • Learn how to take away the pitcher's best pitch or their best location
  • Develop a rhythm that allows the player to be relaxed, comfortable, 'on time' and powerful

with Jan Weisberg,
Birmingham-Southern College Head Coach;
Back-to-Back Southern Athletic Association Coach of the Year (2016-17);
Four straight SAA Regular Season Championships (2014-17);
2012 D3baseball.com South Region Coach of the Year

Many coaches struggle to find a blueprint to follow to develop successful hitters. In this video, Jan Weisberg provides a hitting resource that should be revered for its simplicity, as well as its effectiveness. He provides several drills to develop hitting consistency, while minimizing over-coaching and over-complicating.

You'll get a chance to watch some of Coach Weisberg's players go through a full hitting practice. Hear the teaching points, see the way that he demonstrates, and learn the techniques that he uses to continually produce top-notch offensive talent!

Four Major Areas of Swing Mechanics

Coach Weisberg provides a detailed, but simple plan for developing effective hitters in four areas:

  • Being on time - Hitting is all about timing, and Weisberg emphasizes drill work that will enhance a player's ability to be on time.
  • Being on plane - The longer the barrel can be on plane with the pitch, the greater success a hitter will have.
  • Hard contact out front - Hitters will 'do damage' out front, and Weisberg believes in drill work that helps players to feel that contact and repeat the process when it counts.
  • Good pitch to hit - Pitch recognition and pitch location are essential parts of success at the plate.

Hitting Drills

Learn how to develop effective, consistent hitters that scare any pitcher. Weisberg's drills are systematically broken down into different areas of development:

  • Daily Tee Prep Drills - A daily progression to get the player loose and relaxed, and to reinforce swing mechanics.
  • Rhythm/Body Drills - Drills to help the player feel the powerful launch position and release energy through the baseball.
  • Swing Path Drills - Drills designed to develop muscle memory and reaction skills to improve a player''s ability to stay on plane and through the ball.
  • Short Toss Drills - A sequence of drills to help the batter be on time and work balls from gap to gap.
  • Recognition Drills - Drills to help players see spin, movement, and release point. These drills also help athletes identify pitch location to help them develop power to 'the fat part of the field.'
  • Batting Practice - See the focal points of successful batting practice and the ways in which you can incorporate competition into your daily routine.

Coach Weisberg provides a great resource for you to develop smart hitters that can hit for both average and power!

"Working with 12U players for a vocational program for troubled youth, I needed a resource to get to kids that have never played baseball. This resource assisted me in developing hitters to where they're a scrappy bunch and can play ball pretty well. I just loved its philosophy of timing and strength to be effective hitters. I high recommend this resource to anyone. One of the best resources I've seen in a while." - Customer Review

74 minutes. 2018.

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