High Tempo No-Huddle Offense: Running Back Skills and Drills

High Tempo No-Huddle Offense: Running Back Skills and Drills
High Tempo No-Huddle Offense: Running Back Skills and Drills
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  • Create physical, downhill running backs for your inside zone scheme
  • Learn the Every Day Cuts Drill that develops the four most common cuts used when running the inside zone play
  • Improve ball security for your running backs and for your quarterback-to-running back mesh
with Karson Pike, Iowa Western Community College Assistant Coach/Running Backs;
Won the 2012 NJCAA National Championship after only four years as a program; 2012 ACCFCA Coach of the Year, 2012 IWCC led the nation in points per game (62.8) and in total offense with 598 yards per game

Karson Pike explains how he teaches the running backs at Iowa Western Community College in a simple, systematic way that allows his athletes to play fast and physical. These fundamental teaching techniques are shown at practice and in game film.

Coach Pike talks through his running back philosophy and how it fits in specifically with the up tempo no-huddle offense that IWCC has been so successful with. Coach goes through one of his base running back drills that he uses every day. This drill emphasizes the four most common cuts used in the offense and specifically on the inside zone play.

Coach Pike explains the teaching points for the running back's alignments, steps, and how to effectively read defenders from the running back position. The running back and quarterback must have good timing and footwork for a successful hand-off mesh and then the running back must attack the proper gap based on his reads of the lineman blocks. These drills will help develop the proper vertical and jump cuts, as well as skills for cutbacks and stutter steps. He also shows practice drills to emphasize these points and game film that shows running backs using these skills in competition.

A straight-forward and easy to understand scheme has allowed Coach Pike at IWCC to develop skills that his athletes can use in game situations. These skills, drills, and fundamentals show how to develop your running backs in practice so that they can perform in the game.

This video will improve your team's running backs, especially if you run inside zone in an up tempo offense.

Little things set you up for big plays.

37 minutes. 2013.

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